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  • Yes, we are all supposed to give our approval or denial to cards. If any card has half or more denials, then it can’t be used... or someone not involved decides.
  • Heya y'all, could I get some feedback on mine? There's a bunch of question's on there that I'd like some insight on.
  • @pjbear2005 I can see that card being way too good I think is there a way to nerf maybe raise the cmc
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    Neither red or green are supposed to be allowed to exile creatures, so I'm against that function even with the cost increase.
    I'd say it should have a sorcery speed restriction as well.

    Reda is really fine, but, as a commander, I think he's too oppressive at that cost.
    I think you should leave his abilities alone and bump up his P/T and cost a bit.
  • So are you guys fine with Bolodtha as a commander?
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    Also are you ok with this?
  • @Faiths_Guide, you need to submit a commander still.
  • @Ranshi922 (Yes I did just @ myself), @pjbear2005, @Faiths_Guide, @DoctorFro, @ManaChrome, @AxNoodle, @KJMartin, @Arinska

    We need to vote on legality.

    First the commanders:
    Me with Bolodtha, Thallid Regnant

    @pjbear2005 with Madeline, Pure Enchantress

    @Faiths_Guide with UNDETERMINED

    @DoctorFro with Sza'tha, Psychotic Pharaoh

    @ManaChrome with Eron of Fykel Crypt

    @AxNoodle with Reda Dimyk, Bringer of Law

    @KJMartin with The Mimeospawn

    @ArinSka with Heliod, Touched by Thiohr
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    Spore Reclamation - OK

    Bolodtha, Thallid Regnant - Pretty unimaginative. I'd prefer you ran Slimefoot (this is just "pumped" for no reason).

    Madeline, Pure Enchantress - OK

    Sza'tha, Psychotic Pharaoh - Needs help with wording, but could be OK

    Eron of Fykel Crypt - He's the wrong colors to hit creatures and needs sorcery speed restriction, otherwise OK

    Reda Dimyk, Bringer of Law - Should bump P/T and cost. Then OK

    The Mimeospawn - OK

    Heliod, Touched by Thiohr - Might be OK? He needs wording help and 'walkers are hard to judge.

    I'll make mine ASAP!
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    @Faiths_Guide, I am aware that Bolodtha is unoriginal, but I even say in the comments section that I did it because of the way I see Slimefoot.

    The reason it is "pumped" is because Slimefoot is nice and all, but he only focuses on Saprolings; I wanted a thing for a fully fledged fungus tribal.
  • Spore: maybe 5 cmc and remove all spore counters bc tnid is exponentially powerful

    Bolodtha: I agree with Faiths Guide you could probably do something a little different.

    Madeline: I still think is super OP bc Krametra is already OP this is more broken idk how to fix tho.

    Eron: I like the card a lot but what defines ability and also you could make him a 2/3

    : 5 cmc is my only fix


    Heliod: the first ability needs working but otherwise OK

  • Can I volunteer myself as somebody who'd like to join if anybody drops? If so, I volunteer.
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    Bolodtha, Thallid Regnant: Yes. (Why would I vote against my one XD)

    Madeline, Pure Enchantress: Maybe

    Sza'tha, Psychotic Pharaoh: Yes, but it should be remade with better syntax.

    Eron of Fykel Crypt: It seems fair.

    Reda Dimyk, Bringer of Law: A tad unfair. It reminds me of Dovin's emblem, but in a creature that requires no buildup.

    The Mimeospawn: Good

    Heliod, Touched by Thiohr: Yes

    Deepmind Lodrus: Looks good. I am not sure how he'd be OP, given that as far as I can tell he just cycles your lands.
  • @MemoryHead, yep! What would be you commander?
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    @Ranshi922 This is the first thing that popped into my head, partly because I'd already made it and it looks like something I can build around. I suspect it might be a tiny bit overpowered, though.

  • @Faiths_Guide, @DoctorFro, Arin is asking me to ask you how Heliod should be worded.
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    Bolodtha, Thallid Regnant: Yes, the activated ability is harder to activate (probably) and so it is only a bit better than Slimefoot

    Madeline, Pure Enchantress: Maybe needs toning down, it should be gaining life off of your own artifacts and enchantments really...

    Sza'tha, Psychotic Pharaoh: Yep, just needs the syntax fixing

    Eron of Fykel Crypt: I feel like it is out of the colour pie... Seems good though!

    The Mimeospawn: Yes

    Deepmind Lodrus: Yes (Hello there, ally)

    Spore Reclamation: Good, but the removing of counters needs to be in the activation cost really.

    Heliod, Touched by Thiohr: Yes, good, but if it is made in MTGCS it can have the bottom text without a loyalty ability like this:

    (a very old card I made)
  • @ArinSka It's just occurred to me that Heliod's first ability doesn't actually say what you do with the sunveil once you search for it. It probably needs to put it into your hand or something.
  • @Ranshi922 The first ability says you can draw and search for it also I agree with Memory head
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    I'm saying that Boldotha, to me, feels to boring being so close to a real commander. Personally, I think you should try something more original.

    I don't think Reda is "underpowered" at all! I think its affects are too oppressive at its current CMC, so it should probably be bumped (and its P/T could be bumped simultaneously to keep it from being too easily removed).

    Deepmind Lodrus seems OK at his current CMC, but I think you're planning an oppressive deck! XD

    @Ranshi922 & @ArinSka
    I'll look into Heliod's wording soon!

    You can do blank abilities here on MTGCardsmith as well:

    To achieve this, merely erase the 0 in one of the loyalty rows before the first preview.
  • @AxNoodle, Cardsmith doesn't have a very good planeswalker frame. It also doesn't fit Heliod's abilities.
  • Another card:
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    I like it! For balance it should really be a sorcery though.
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    Bolodtha, Thallid Regnant: 2 in Favor, 2 Against
    Madeline, Pure Enchantress: 1 in favor, 1 against, and 2 in favor of toning it down
    Sza'tha, Psychotic Pharaoh: 3 in favor given a remake with syntax, 0 against
    Eron of Fykel Crypt: 3 in favor. The term ability needs to be defined. 1 in favor of first version
    Reda Dimyk, Bringer of Law: 3 in favor if it is fixed.
    The Mimeospawn: 4 in favor
    Heliod, Touched by Thiohr: 3 or 4 but requires fixing.
    Deepmind Lodrus: 3 in favor, 0 against
  • @Ranshi922
    I'm not for Eron of Fykel Crypt as it stands currently. Its previous version was actually more acceptable.
  • @Faiths_Guide That’s exactly what I said!
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    To which of my previous comments are you alluding?

    Here is my proposed commander:
    In hind sight, he's probably just a rare...

    Here's the break down for ripple:
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