The 1d100 challenge, continued

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Hello, all! So, I recently made a contest called the 1d100 challenge. The original is found here.
I don't know how many of you are still interested, but some people still made cards but I figured I would make this. Feel free to give it a try whenever you're bored. No judging this time. The rules:
Pick two random numbers between 1 and 100, and design a card that utilizes both of the respective mechanics in some form. You could go for more, if you're feeling particularly brave.

1-- Cumulative Upkeep
2-- Sacrifice
3-- Prowess or noncreature spells
4-- Deathtouch, destroy, or removal
5-- Gain Control
6-- Vigilance and/or untapping
7-- Kicker or multikicker
8-- Tribal or Lord (Doesn’t have to be a tribal spell)
9-- Fight
10-- Convoke or Improvise
11-- Addendum
12-- Choose One
13-- The number 13
14-- Legendary matters
15-- Afterlife
16-- Surveil or scry
17-- Jump Start
18-- Undergrowth
19-- Mentor
20-- Spectacle
21-- Monstrosity
22-- Riot
23-- Landfall
24-- Ramp or lands in general
25-- Counter a spell/The stack
26-- Life Gain
27-- Extra turns or phases
28-- Additional Costs
29-- Madness
30-- Transmute
31-- Haunt
32-- Buyback, flashback or retrace
33-- Copy
34-- Morph, Manifest, mEgAmOrPH, or face down creatures
35-- Dredge
36-- Colorless
37-- Planeswalker/Interacts with planeswalkers
38-- Clash
39-- Energy Counters
40-- Cipher
41-- Populate
42-- Overload
43-- Hybrid Mana
44-- Undying or Persist
45-- Soulbond
46-- Aura Curse
47-- Miracle
48-- Embalm, Eternalize, or Unearth
49-- Storm or Gravestorm
50-- Exalted
51-- Ninjutsu
52-- Double
53-- Emerge
54-- Transform
55-- Tutor/Search your library
56-- Suspend
57-- Living Weapon
58-- Fortify
59-- Awaken
60-- Exile or Exile matters
61-- Ascend
62-- Enrage
63-- Vehicle
64-- Scavenge
65-- Morbid
66-- Proliferate, graft, and or evolve
67-- Infect or Wither
68-- Delve
69-- Outlast
70-- Board wipe
71-- Evoke
72-- Regenerate
73-- Affinity
74-- Dash
75-- Any silver border mechanic
76-- Hellbent and/or discard
77-- Cost more to cast/force player to pay/unless player pays
78-- Renown
79-- Totem Armor
80-- Champion
81-- Changeling
82-- Forecast
83-- Bushido
84-- Epic
85-- Flash
86-- Skulk, Flying, or any evasive mechanic
87-- -1/-1 counters matter
88-- Transfigure
89-- Soulshift or Arcane
90-- Modular
91-- Bloodthirst
92-- Ripple
93-- Noncreature Token
94-- Investigate
95-- Splice
96-- Devotion
97-- Bestow
98-- Assist, Myriad, Melee, Undaunted, or any multiplayer mechanic
99-- Return to hand
100-- Pick any custom mechanic from the Mechanix

Not all of these mechanics have to be interpreted literally. Your cards just need to incorporate them in some way. If two mechanics don’t work well together, try to think of a way to make them work, but if you can’t, you can reroll. If you get two keywords which are redundant (Like noncreature token and investigate), too easy, or boring, you can figure out a way to use them that isn’t redundant, or just reroll.

If you’re not sure what a keyword does, look it up!
If you roll the same mechanic twice, you can reroll, or try to make a card that uses that mechanic in a new and creative way. The rules are pretty loose.

There will be no judgement or ranking. This contest will go on as long as people keep making cards, and there is no entry limit. I'm not sure if people are still interested or not, but I figured I would just make this thread, just in case.

Happy smithing!


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    I "rolled" two:
    70 (Board Wipe)
    75 (Battle Cry)

    This should be a fun challenge because of the apparent disharmony of the two. Being in both red and white due to battle cry should be good because board-wipes are present in those colors.

    Let's see if I get around to making it this time!
  • Whoohoo! I'll take another go with this sometime, it was fun as hell and a challenge!
  • imageimageimage

    (My last card is for vigilance/champion even though it also has flash. )
  • 30 and 79???
    (yes, this was inspired by the wining entry of the first one)
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    60 and 96. Exile and devotion. Should be fun.


    99 and 30. Return to hand and transmute.


    100 (I chose 13) and 78.
  • image

    I got 39: Energy Counters
    and. . .
    75: Any silver border mechanic!
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    I got 2 and 83 on a number generator.

    2-- Sacrifice

    83-- Bushido

    I will see where this takes me.... And we got this!

  • Ok I got 1 and 27...
    Thats. wow. ok. be right back. :)
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    Cumulative upkeep and extra turns. I hope this is balanced lmao.

  • Since I loved the other challenge so much I thought I should give this one a go too.
    67 and 77 - Infect or Wither and Cost more to cast/force player to pay/unless player pays:

    Izathel is the High Chancellor of the Flesh Singularity, a Sect of the Machine Orthodoxy that believes all beings should become one organism.
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    73 and 81: Affinity and Changeling-- interesting

    Here's what I made:


    This is probably super broken...
  • image

    5 and 51.
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    how do you upload a card to the comments?
    nevermind I have an idea!
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    84 and 28. Reference to Kaervek's Spite.
  • 84 (Epic) and 5 (gain control). I have some great ideas for this.
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    I got 96 - Devotion - and 47 - Miracle. Gonna be A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

    It was... tricky. But that's my fault.
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    8 = Not nesescarily tribal lord effect
    78 = Renown
    Pretty friendly combination so far, I'm looking forward to seeing what I get next.

    2 = Sacrifice
    98 = Assist, or other multiplayer mechanic
    Well, this starts to be interesting...

    4 = Deathtouch, destroy, removal
    41 = Populate
    Ok, that was a fun combination to make.

    14 = Legendary matters
    94 = Investigate
    At first I thought this is going to be boring, but then I started to think about it and this happend. He's quite cool in my own oppinion.

    Disclaimer: Stop me whenever you want. I'd be able to make all the 4 950 combinations here.

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    99 and 55
  • 29 (madness) and 62 (enrage)
  • 25 (counter a spell/the stack) and 89 (soulshift or arcane).

    This is a bit of a train wreck, but here it is:


    47 (miracle) and 95 (splice)


    22 (riot) and 92 (ripple)

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    First Card: 42 (Overload) & 65 (Morbid)


    Second Card: 44 (Undying) & 67 (Infect)


    Third Card: 5 (Gain Control) & 34 (Morph)


    Fourth Card: 1 (Cumulative Upkeep) & 4 (Deathtouch, destroy or removal)


  • image

    26 and 50
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    11 (addendum) and 63 (Vehicle)


    24 (ramp or lands in general) and 95 (splice)


    42 (overload) and 52 (double)


    55 (tutor/search your library) and 90 (modular)


    29 (madness) and 93 (noncreature token)

    I was planning on making the token, but the token editor on here isn't exactly...user-friendly, and couldn't do what I needed it to do. Also, I wanted to fit some flavor text on it, but I couldn't, so here it is:

    "Whenever he found himself in a sticky situation, he'd simply reveal yet another sword and start slashing. It was quite the sight."


    30 (transmute) and 97 (bestow)

    This was difficult because I didn't want to simply have an enchantment creature have transmute on it; I wanted something unique. I'd imagine this might be broken because with a diverse enough hand, you can essentially grab any card you want for {u}/{b} whenever Those Who Dance Among the Stars or another encha...yeah, you get the idea. Eh, oh well.


    I'm having too much fun here.

    72 (regenerate) and 96 (devotion)


    77 (cost more to cast/force player to pay/unless player pays) and 97 (bestow)


    Well this has been a lot of fun. I'm sure I'll be back sometime soon to do more.
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    21 (Monstrosity) and 97 (Bestow). Be right back...
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