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I have been trying to think of the wording that would be correct for a card that animates equipment, but makes the equipment have all the abilities it would grant an equipped creature. Like Ensoul Artifact, but just for equipment.

It seems simple in concept, Lightning Greaves would be an artifact creature with haste and shroud, Behemoth Sledge would get +2/+2 with lifelink and trample.

I'm just struggling to find wording for this, since it stops being an equipment once turned into a creature, and I don't want it to be too wordy. Hopefully someone has done this before or has an idea on it. Any wordings I try just sound incorrect.



  • Ok. So I would draw from bestow.

    This seems difficult for equipments that don't provide toughness.
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    That would be tough because there's no easy way to translate the abilities that an equipment has, i.e. "equipped creature has haste" to simply "haste". However, there are a couple of options I can think of based on the equipment equipping itself, one figurative and the other literal:


    "Enchant equipment

    Enchanted equipment is a creature with base power and toughness ?/? [in addition to its other types?] and has all the abilities it would have if it was attached to itself."


    "as if" can be quite a powerful phrase but it can also lead to some confusion - I'm not entirely sure my example above is entirely clear but maybe something like that?

    The second option is:

    "Enchant equipment

    When [Card Name] enters the battlefield, create a token that's a copy of enchanted equipment and attach that token to enchanted equipment.

    Enchanted equipment is a creature with base power and toughness ?/? [in addition to its other types?]."


    Note that in both these options you'll want to consider whether it loses its other types or is still an artifact / equipment. You'll also need to consider the P/T.


    A third option is something like Living Weapon where you create a creature token and then attach the equipment to it. Not quite animating the equipment but close.

    There are probably other ways of doing it that I can't think of right now!
  • Clearly Animist saw this and started typing before me... XD
  • The first option was something I was thinking of more so. I didn't want to make an additional permanent enter the battlefield, like a token of the equipment or a creature like living weapon would do. I feel like that wording is good. I guess the only question would be if the part at the end needs to add as if it was an equipment, since it will lose that subtybe while a creature. But that is great and seems fine for my purposes/

    I did want the equipment have base power/toughness equal to its converted mana cost, but that part is much easier to work with.
  • I don't believe there is anyway to do this short of an instant/sorcery that creates a 0/0 creature token for each equipment you control.
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