Tribal Battles

So I decided to make a challenge a little different than ever before. Introducing Tribal Battles. A most-likely recurring challenge where you create your own tribal and compete against all others in a fight for your survival!

You must make 5 new cards that all have the same creature type, and use them to create a tribal _____. After you have posted, @ someone else who has submitted, but choose wisely, as they will be your opponent until the next challenge. If you are the first to submit, @ somebody else who joins later either by editing your comment or by posting a new one.

After the deadline (April 1, 2019), no more submissions will be accepted, and the first challenge will go up. Each challenge will be to design one or more specific types of cards that go with your already established tribal. I will compare your tribals with your opponent, and whoever loses chooses 3 cards that they submitted, removes them, then reposts their tribal with the cards that were not removed, and a new creature card. If you lose all of your cards, you are eliminated. If you fail to submit to the weekly challenge, your opponent wins by default.

1. Your original five cards must all be creatures, and all cards you post in the challenges after that must be a color(s) of the original cards submitted.

2. You may only post once, and cannot post old cards.

3. Minimal off topic chat.

4. No inappropriate imagery.

5. You cannot make yourself your opponent.

Feel free to ask any questions about the rules, I know their complicated d:

Happy smithing!


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