Peace in Dumaran: OFFICIAL SET PAGE



  • @MemoryHead
    Each country will have a Standard deck made for them that goes like a play-style, for example Feld will have an Aggro-Gimmick deck
  • @EnvyReaper As is traditional, the set symbols are acting up on MTG.Design for me. The Corizian Exile and The Last Stand only show with a white inner shading (common) regardless of rarity. Feldish Aggression's symbols are all purple for some reason.

    Potentially that's because I'm copying them from the little symbols up in your "sets in the block" announcement post, but that gives you the same text as a text link so I doubt it.
  • @MemoryHead the thing I noticed is that I have to rearrange the photos order's in order to make it appear as the one I want, I think you have to put page0 at the end of the link
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    @EnvyReaper I've tried that now but it hasn't worked. I'll probably just save the trouble by contributing concepts and then editing the symbols on separately or something.
  • @MemoryHead nevermind that is not how you do it, I am going to try something
  • @EnvyReaper Nice, they all work now.
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    Wait, how many sets is this? May I also mention that small sets and medium sets do not exist any more.
  • @Tigersol this would be 3 sets that introduce 4 countries
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    Alright guys now instead of 30 countries we will have 25 lol, so that puts us at 1,560 cards that will be made in total after all of this is over.
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    Are the colours being dropped the mono-colours?
  • @MemoryHead, nope! the Quad-Colors
  • @EnvyReaper Ah, they both worked as viable things to drop but now that you mention it that makes a lot more sense than mono-colours.
  • @MemoryHead you mentioned you wanted to help make cards? If you want to I can add you to the team
  • @EnvyReaper If you mean on the forum, that'd be great. Not sure precisely what I'm doing, so my initial work will probably just be some random concept mechanics that I invented for Feld.
  • May I also help make cards?

    I can make cards, though don't have time to find images.
  • @EnvyReaper It's suddenly occurred to me that I should probably ask this for a whole load of reasons. You keep on referring to this set basically being a load of duel decks. Is the final goal to actually build a load of duel decks or are you merely referring to it in that way because it's more convenient?
  • @MemoryHead Convenience, basically this first block is a whole duel set, except it kind of isn't, I don't really know how to describe it, so I will put it in this way

    Dumaran's sets are kind of like a huge cube presented as a set, we will have cards for each faction that will be presented as an archetype for Standard, currently the ones we got down are that Feld is based on Aggro-Gimmick while Corrizan is just Aggro, does this sum it up in an understandable way?
  • "The Feldish - (Green\White\Blue) - Celebrators of the gods of old, they speak to the trees for guidance"

    I am the Feldish, I speak for the trees.
  • For the sake of saying it, I made a prototype mechanic for the Feld over on the other forum.
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    Yeah, and they're orange furred dwarves who have yellow eyebrows and moustaches.
  • @MemoryHead
    Deer - Feld
    Tree - Dryad Territory
    Sun - Corrizan
  • Announcement
    Alright, seeing as how I am having trouble coming up with cool card designs, I am deciding to lift the restriction on community made cards, so to everybody, you are free to smith!
  • @EnvyReaper

    *Plays the Game of Thrones opening melody.
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    In a set, a huge chunk of the cards are going to be commons and uncommons, and a large portion of them will be vanilla or french vanilla. This means they will be intellectually interesting for their flavor only: this in turn means we need an extensive storyline and well-established style tropes for each faction (for art, most imprtantly).

    When that's done, we'll need volunteers to mass-produce these. And smithing vanilla commons for the sake of it will quickly become tedious. I'd volunteer for this, because I like writing stuff, even if its three or four lines of story at the bottom of a card. What was posted on this thread is great, especially the map, but I need a big fat fictional History of Dumaran to really get started.
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    For the time being, while I draft up a huge response for Dumaran's history, here is the dynamics for each deck

    Per faction/country,

    30 Commons, 20 Uncommons, 7 Rares and 3 Mythics!
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    If we're free to smith, should we be posting our concepts here or on the Dumaran forum? It probably doesn't matter for me because I'll be posting my concepts by the power of set-links, but I'll ask anyway.

    Also, I'm totally with @ASubtleGhost on the need for some sort of history.

    Also also, is the Dryad Colony for which you've provided a set symbol mono-green or is it just a name for a currently undecided symbol?
  • Hey, how are we going to deal with your version of devotion (or fealty as I have called it)
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 We're going to stay the hell away from it until it's utterly necessary that we actually make cards with it. On a more serious note, that's a good question.
  • @MemoryHead
    It is a Black-Green country, that is all I came up with, I plan to make it a control deck

    Also in the mystery of devotion, it will only be used slightly as it would become over saturating for the set.
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