War of the Spark

Hey guys, did you see the new MTG set's coming out on April 27. Can you guys tell me what you think about the new set, and how the cards will look. Thnks


  • Well, today there was a leak that Ajani's Pridemate is in the set.
  • lol Ajani's Pridemate is one of my least favorite cards. I literally despise it
  • I want to see @RohanDragoon open a pack, see that card and scream... NOOOOOO! as he rips it into bits and pieces!
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    @Corwinnn that'll be me when I pull a Tibalt in WOTS.

    Seriously though, Tibalt is so shyte.
  • @Mantis17 - I guess you'll be drawing a curly moustache and pointy beard on that one!
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    @Corwinnn I'm just happy to hear my dawg Sorin will somehow be freed from his predicament on Innistrad...

    Now, where's Nahiri...
  • @Mantis17 Tibalt may get a better card this go around. Also, if your brave enough to try this idea out, put Tibalt in a rakdos deck with hellbent and madness. It's the best way to use him. I've actually beat people with his discard ability before. Granted not often, but I did pull it off once.
  • Nahiri is in it too.
  • I like ajani's pridemate.
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    @KorandAngels For me, Ajani's Pridemate is just too lowcosted for an ability that gets out of hand far too quickly. I play multi-color decks so I often have to resign to playing tap-lands to keep a man base consistent so like, turn three is the first time I usually can get something out really worthwhile, and with Ajani's Pridemate I'm already looking at being at 10 health by the end of turn three. It's just a really not fun card for me. Like burn can only touch it the turn it touches the battlefield usually, and the only other options are kill spells. But you know, turn four you could easily have two 6/6 Ajani's pridemates so one kill spell can't even help you.

    Like its a super good card, don't get me wrong. I just think that it's far too strong for it's rarity. Especially after playing jeskai noncreature, like prowess ends at the end of turn, but Ajani's pridemate gets to keep their buffs forever? Rough

    But take my complaining with a grain of salt, cause I also play superfriends, so I really don't like anything that hits the board before turn 4 hahahahahahahahahahaha
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    @RohanDragoon It's pretty much only a problem for burn and it does require to play a bit subpar cards for it to grow above the average stat-line.

    PS: I personally also don't like the pridemate reprint but that is mostly because I dislike this newish trend of reprinting the same cards less than a block apart.
  • It was much more of a menace on Arena, and Arena is largely the reason that I also hate the pridemate.
  • I found a list of the PW from War of the Spark.
    Samut, Nicol Bolas, Ashiok, Elspeth, Domri, Teyo Verada, Ral Zarek, Tamiyo, Karn, Jaya Balard, Tibalt, Mu Yanling, Kiora, Sorin, Teferi, Angrath, Dovin Baan, Ajani, Arlinn Kord, Ob Nixilius, Jiang Yanggu, Huatli, Sarkhan, Saheeli, Narset, Nahiri, Ugin, Davriel Cane, Vraska, Kaya, Jace, Gideon, Liliana, Nissa, Chandra, and Vivien Reid.

  • Elspeth is unlikely, considering she’s dead on Theros. I think the one being called elspeth is another new one.
  • I dont know, this is just a list I found. It really could be either, seeing as WotC does whatever they want with these sets.
  • I saw!!! XD
  • It appears that Liliana may sacrifice herself to stop Bolas
  • So it would seem.
  • Nooooooo! Not Liliana! She's like one of the only planeswalkers I own!
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    Yo that flavor text on Time Wipe is some real stuff. Teferi has got to be like one of the raddest dudes out there

    I'm a little surprised though that Vraska is an uncommon after her whole thing with Jace on Ixalan. I'd have thought she would have been at least gold
  • I really, really like Amass, but it’s a pretty feel-bad mechanic against any sort of removal. I would’ve preferred that any time it’d die or is dealt damage you just remove all damage from it along with a +1/+1 counter, really gives it a better feel of being an army, per se.
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    I'm really worried cause already there's like three shoe-ins for my superfriends deck and its only the first set of spoilers, not to mention there's probably going to be at least 1 or 2 walkers that I have to add from this set. It's gonna be a little rough for me

    Also, a decent Tibalt?
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  • Tibalt continues being Tibalt.

    I am also happy that with that card about Nixilis's cruelty he appears to be torturing a Healer Hawk. >XD
  • I just want to see what the new Sorin, Nahiri, and Ugin cards are! Gaaahhh!
  • @sorinjace the stained glass Nahiri is literally my phone backround, I'm very excited for it
  • The new Tibalt isn't terrible. He makes footlight fiends and prevents lifegain.
  • I do like that the new walkers have "anthem effects" reminds me of vanguard cards.
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    @pjbear2005 thats cool. I want to know how Sorin was freed from Nahiri's trap, and it appears Sorin and Nahiri may be reuniting on Ravnica. I hope Ugin can get the two to get along and put aside their differences. (Remember, those two and Ugin are like the first gatewatch before there was even an actual gatewatch. I'm so waiting for Sorin to take the oath! I think he'd do it!)
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