Mythos Myriad **Class Challenge #3**

Class is in session!

Students, today we don't have a special guest. I am judging this on my own, being that it is one of my areas of particular interest and there is no teacher at school here who covers this...

For your next assignment, you are to be making cards based off of the various myths of the world. Everybody knows Greek mythology, but I want to see more than just the Greka-Roman Pantheon.

Inspiration/Representation: 50 points
Balance: 25 points
Grammar/Spelling/Syntax: 20 points
Aesthetic Appeal: 5 points

Bonus Points: If you cover 3 items from at least 3 different sources of mythos, you will receive 10 extra points added to each score.

As of this assignment, your previous items haven't been graded yet. Rest assured, Mrs. Walton will be back to me soon with the scores.

- No Joke cards.
- Entries must be from March 29th or later.
- Max number of entries is 10.

1st Place: 1 month of premium, 5 favorites, and a follow.
2nd Place: 4 favorites and a follow.
3rd Place: 3 favorites and a follow.
HMs: 2 favorites.

image image
The two examples were Greka-Roman & Dutch, respectively.

Mythos can include things that are strictly from myths or they can be from stories so ingrained in folklore, that they have nearly become synonymous with myths. An example of this is the 2000 page story of Journey to the West.


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