Flavor Text Challenge: White Omniscience

The title speaks for itself.
The card: http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/ascendance-1
The flavor: unknown
Any number of entries, the winner will get their flavor text on the card.


  • Those pure of heart wait their whole lives to approach the gates of heaven and be judged on the merits of their time on earth. You have been granted a chance that most men must die for, I pray that you rise to the occasion.
  • To walk this path is to journey in the wake of the gods.

    We stand before the gates of absolution, weep graciously, for this honour is bestowed upon the chosen few.

    "Herald to paradise, I beseech thee to open thy pristine gates as though open arms, and embrace me for all of eternity!"

    "The divinity bless those whom fill their soul of virtue and righteous cause. I stand here not of luminous providence, but of my own virtue and will."

    Seek peace in the zenith of holiness.

    The hand of God falls upon the shoulder of benevolent men, who know not in their hearts or minds, that they are such, only, that they are just.

    Fall upon bended knee and rejoice, seek forgiveness to your crimes in the radiance of my godliness.

    Those who oppose the will of the heavens find themselves cold and alone in the face of their mortality. Those who sleep, undefiled of corruption, wake in the warmth of God's grace.
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    Show off!
    I would say "The hand of God falls" is my favorite
  • "In the moment of life, the heavens awake."... Cheesy as crap tho
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