COLONISERS: Season 3!!! (Colonisers of Krystel)



  • Second Batch of House Elta cards, one for each color.

    I wanted to capture the strong relationship our house had with the common people so:


    A card to capture the ancient and hidden rites house Elta practices on the behalf of their people:


    And a card to display the slippery power House Elta's magic affords them.

  • We running for 2 more weeks, y'all, and then we can start!
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    Hope we can get a couple more contestants in before we start! I know I'm eager to start.
  • @Red_Tower You should probably post a link somewhere around here to the set with your cards in it (I can't find one right now). Also, I was considering using Amplify as a mechanic for this so it's cool to see that somebody else has.
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    Updated original post, all cards link to themselves and there's a specific link to my set of cards.
  • Countdown to start: 13 days
  • Extra cards have been added to the original post.
  • @HeroKp I have an absolutely stellar idea for a colony, but it does not work nearly as well without 5 colors. It could be possible with 4, and MAYBE with 3, but I was wondering if I could get a bit of a slide.
  • I think last season there was a dragon-based group that was technically 5c, but limited their cards to only a set of three colors they could use for actual challenges
  • Ik, but they way the colony works kind of necessitates 5/4c
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    Hi there. Time for my cards.

    My faction is The Gang. A group of mono black vampires from Ravanica. Have you wondered about all of the creatures who are not in guilds? Well what do they do, they make their own. The Gang was created by Redfang, a vampire strategist. When he heard news of a brand new plane to explore and conquer, he jumped right in. Summoning his highest blood mages and warriors, he made his way to Krystel.

    (I have a few more extra cards I want to make, so these are just my starting cards.)


    We have Redfang, the boss. He commands the gang but is also a good fighter himself.

    Vampire Frontliner. Commands the frontlines obviously. Can gain you some life right off the bat.

    Blood Shield, Well... A shield of blood!

    Gang offering, you join the gang. Wanted to have a card to show that, because who never knows where a soldiers alliance lays?

    Crystal of the Alliance. Team up with other people! It actually won't do damage to the controller unless he gets in the Gang's way.

    You can find all my cards at
  • Krystel experiences the start of Armageddon in: 11 days
  • @CrafterofTruths I've added you and The Gang to the list. Also in the unlikely but slightly possible case, apologies in advance if we have the same card art at any point haha.
  • @HeroKP Fashionably late as always, with a new tribe: The Krystal Collective! (Legendary Minion)

    The concept of this is that the entire tribe is connected in a way to the Powerless Hivehome, the Legendary creature for the tribe. This is a government-like system; there are certain insects higher to the top in the Hivehome and a select few 'Ruling" insects. However, without Hivehome they would all be much less powerless as it is a connection of most of the bugs minds, except for a select few who have no minds. Thus, all of them must do their part (Harvesting Food, Ruling, Fighting) otherwise the entire thing will collapse upon itself.

    And now that you've gone through that information dump, here are the other cards: (Basic Civilian, Low End) (Battle Mage, the tribe has no use for magic outside of fighting and harvesting.) (Artifact, the casing that surrounds Hivehome for protection.)

    And the bonus cards: (One of the highest tiers in Hivehome is none other than being a great warrior.) (Fun Combat Trick.) (The lowest tier in the hierarchy of Hivehome.)

    If this doesn't fit, then I'll change the lore around a bit and see how that works. Also, the art for Hivehome is supposed to represent a big ball of collective thoughts with lively tendrils hooked up to walls, but I couldn't find that so...
  • Well unless @HeroKP vetos it, I've added @Potato13 and their collective to the list of contestants.
  • Lol the Collective is a lot like my "colony" I plan on making.

    Just a sidenote about using these cards in actual games: I feel like the amount of situations you would want to use both effects of Hivebind would be very few. Maybe single use pump spells, or if you need the lower power for another spell. Other than that, I feel like it is a low effect addition. Maybe a slight reworking would be good. IDK.
  • @PandaShoop

    Sorry, five colours would give you too much of an edge. Besides, I want flavour, and it is hard to synthesize flavour form more than 3 colours.
  • @all


    (Unless no one joins until the first of june)
  • I want 5 colours specifically FOR flavor, but I understand. It's not that big of a problem.
  • @PandaShoop

    A deal exists where I pretend that you are 5-coloured for flavour, but the cards you actually make only feature three.
  • @Potato13

    You've done it, my spud! The cards are amazing, and I can't wait to see the flavour in action!

    I've left some feedback on Collective Abomination, but it's just minor formatting changes.

  • 10 more days before lift off.....
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    So if we need one more person...
    @PandaShoop might be the one to send this contest to Krystel!
    @HeroKP So, what is the music you think best fit it this time? (Last time, you said it was a cyber rave rendition of the Jurassic Park theme)
  • Here’s an idea for music:
  • @MonkeyPirate2002

    Terraria's cool, but I was thinking more of:
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 Fantastic, now I'm having PTSD flashbacks to being murdered.

    Also, for the sake of nominating some music at random based on the description of mountains and secrets given by @HeroKP in the opening thing (and certainly not based on the fact that I was listening to it and that it's about mountains or something. That'd be crazy):
  • @MemoryHead

    Yeah, that works too! Add all those three to the playlist
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    I think it would be more .
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