Let's Tell A Story Together Using Only Cards

I've always enjoyed weaving together game text, art and flavor text into a card where all aspects compliment each other. I don't really keep up with magic lore, but whenever new cards are spoiled I enjoy piecing together what happened from the cards, the game text and the story text. So for this just for fun contest I would like for us to craft our own story. Each week I'll request from you guys a story element, such as main character, or call to action. Once the week is done, I'll pick my favorite and then I'll request a new card that tells us whats going to happen next. This contest will continue until we finish the story or people lose interest.

Guidelines (Only the first one is an actual rule.)

1. Let the cards speak for themselves. If their is important context for the cards,find a way to fit it into the flavor text.

2. Submit as many cards as you like. The more the better!

3. I'm a bit of a stickler for proper wording. Wording mistakes won't disqualify your cards, but it probably will be a factor in my selection because I"m OC like that.

4. I usually like cards with a power level that doesn't exceed modern playable. I also think that creating interesting commons is an underrated art. Your cards don't have to be powerful, simply interesting.

Alright! We are going to start this story with what every good story needs, a setting. This card doesn't need to be a land but it can be. Build us a card with a strong sense of place, and lets see where our journey begins!


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