Alternative Costs Challange (Finished)

Hey! Do you like Un-Sets? Well if you do, this challange is for you!

The task is simple: Create a card with the most bizzare cost you can imagine. The point is, the cost is not supposed to be mana. The cost can apear as an additional cost to cast a card, or an activating cost of an ability - it's all up to you. Three entries per person.

(Example - Do 10 push-ups: Draw a card)

Let's get unstably as possible!


  • Actually the first Un-card I've made, hope you enjoy!
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    actually I think this one is better than the last, so consider this, I will keep the othr on the topic cause I liked it, but not as so much as this one xD
  • @sanjaya666 I like the idea of "physical-activity" costs, because they seem like "Yeah, I could do that how many times I want to," but in reallity... well, you can't. Also the image is gorgeus
  • I know this challenge is just for fun and all, but wizards very specifically has moved away for any physical requirements from the game to make it open to everyone. Some food for thought I suppose.
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    Isn't he so adorable?
  • @ThePhantomJoker It's kinda unoriginal but hey, it's the great muscle wizard at least.

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    this definitely could not be real

    rules clarification: yes, the creature you sacrifice must be alive, not a card. Simply kill a brother or something
  • @DARKSTEEL guess I'm bringing a bag of ants or something to my FNM *shrug*
  • @DARKSTEEL That's so rude! Why would you ever do that? But then, it kinda suits the Soul Stone...

  • @MemoryHead Lmao I loved that haha
  • This is old, but it never dies!

  • edited May 2019


    05/22/2019 - Your opponents must have vision of you browsing for a a song and playing it.
    05/22/2019 - You may have the song on a playlist or quick play, but you can't have the application opened or the song on pause in advance.
    05/22/2019 - If you are streaming a Magic The Gathering game on a social media platform, you would be likely to get your stream reported, you may say the song name and put the video on mute.
    05/22/2019 - The song MUST be from a commercial source, Creative Commons and Royalty Free songs are not allowed.
  • @ElMagici: Do audiobook tracks count as songs for the porpoise of the copyright?
  • @ElMagici The live version of Stairway to heaven is roughly 2 minutes longer than the regular version, is it allowed? I love the card.
  • @KorandAngels Yes, the Audiobooks are copyrighted, so, yes.

    @Red_Tower Anything copyrighted counts, if you want to have an official extended version of a song, even if you want, you can use live footage, so, if you thought of Blind Guardian - Valhalla, a song that is 4:58, but the enemy planeswalker or creature has a toughness or loyalty of 7, you can use Blind Guardian - Valhalla live footage from the DVD "Imaginations through the looking glass" that has a length of 7:55 because there is a metric ton of 3 minutes of people chanting the chorus intensely.
  • So, since noone is posting anything here, I think it's time to end this contest and announce winners. But first (as allways) some honorable mentions:
    @Brainifyer with Generically Evil Looking Guy - it isn't too crazy, but very funny, balanced and the flaver text is a masterpiece. Good job, you will be awarded by one fave on a card you created chosen by yourself.
    @DARKSTEEL with The Soul Stone. It is so freaking flavorfull and I think I deserved it for making this contest, but... it's just so wrong! Here, take your one fave while I go solace the ants.

    And now the winners. Heh. There are three cards that I really loved and I couldn't for nothing decide, how to put them in order. So all three are on the first place. Call it cheating, but it's my contest and it's in the Just for fun section, so who cares. There are the winners:
    @Daedalus_The_All_Father with Amity, Teddy of Destruction - very cute bear
    @MemoryHead with Stormwatch Sage - because Storm Crow
    @sanjaya666 with Muscle Wizard - the art is just gorgeous
    All of you three will recieve FIVE favorites on cards you own of your choice as well as the card you submitted. Thanks for participating :)
  • Can we have feedback on the others?
  • @Bowler218 Ok, here it is. *DEEP BREATH*

    @Red_Tower's These Are a Few of My Things is a fun card exploring a very interesting theme. My two slight problems with it are that it is a bit too wordy and that the text overhangs from the card. Otherwise it's nice.
    @ArashiKun's Infinity tricks on the sleeves misses a lot of capital letters (in the name and in the text box) and is extremely wordy. The idea with undressing ascessories and them being related to those on the cards is interesting, but I think it could be executed better. It would make for some precurious deck building thinking.
    @ArashiKun's other card - Heated discussion - has the same problems as the first one (capital letters, too wordy, text overhang), but sounds very Unstably. Discussing over a counterspell? Sounds fun. Also the card is quite confusing.
    @pstmdrn's Lazotep Flatulence is just... super weird and kinda gross. I just don't like the theme of it, sorry.
    @ASubtleGhost's Smash-O-Tron 3200 is a bit wordy, but makes sense and the text doesn't overhang, so it is no problem here. It is certainly fun, I just liked the other ones more. You know what? Here's another honorable mention, I realised, that I like this card. You have a fave by me @ASubtleGhost.
    @TenebrisNemo's Death Note is a nice pun (I think it is a pun) and could be quite funny in a game, but on the other hand - do you need to know how to play a guitar? Do you need to arrange your fingers like you would do to make real chords on aguitar? Do you have to play a song? Who tells it was a song afterwards? And I don't find the card as interesting or fun as those I picked for the winners.
    @ElMagici's Copyright Strike has some overhanging text, sounds fun, but culd be stressing (20 seconds to do so) and has some problems like - what if the closest device (as stated on the card) is not yours and you don't know the password?
    @Lastjustice's Baconus, Infernal Pig has some not so good text design and doesn't sound that interesting to play. Another point - it is not an alternative COST.

    So, there you go guys. Took me a while to put this together, so I hope you appreciate my work. I also recommend trying some of my other challenges! And thanks for participating.

  • @ThePhantomJoker Just my latest five is fine, or whatever five you want to favorite. I don't really have specific ones I want favorites on.
  • @Daedalus_The_All_Father Ok, I picked five. Thanks for participating :)
  • (Shrug) Your contest didn't do much for me either ThePhantomJoker.
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