Futile, Pointless, Convoluted and so on! RESULTS!

First of all, I love this site and I love MTG! Having just returned to this site after 3 years, I thought a contest was in order so I can get involved with this great community more!

As much as I love MTG, I love to see the cards that are pointless, needlessly complex and will be quickly consigned to the draft chaff pile at your LGS.

I would love to see any cards that are either completely pointless, needlessly complex for what they perform or a card that will be guaranteed to cause an argument over how it is used. The more humour you can throw into the mix, the better!

I've added a couple of examples. The first is this needlessly complex load of garbage:


Followed by a pointless card:


And lastly, a remake of a famous card. In this case, this is a spoof of Progenitus:


I absolutely love humour based cards and this can be inserted any way you see fit. I hope this contest is alright for the site and I would love to hear from any of you in the process! Give me your 'Sorrow's path', 'Razor Boomerang', 'Wood Elemental' and 'Bargain' equivalent cards!


1st Place - A Follow + 3 Favourited cards of your choice
2nd Place - 2 Favourited cards of your choice
3rd and 4th Place - A Favourite card of your choice


1. Please enter up to 3 cards for this contest.
2. Any cards old or new are fine for your entry.

I hope this contest is fine for the site and if there is anything I need to change, I would be happy to hear from the grand architect Corwinnn or anyone else.

Have fun and get your entries in for Friday, 7th June!


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