Lands are the BEST!

You like lands? I like lands!

1: Submit a Land Card.
2: IF there is story about it, please tell it.
3: Wait for me to Judge

1: One entry only. You may retract an entry to submit a new one.
2: No joke cards! I mean it!
3: If the card is a creature or anything else that flips INTO a land, that is NOT allowed. (Unless the flip is LAND into LAND)


1 favorite on up to 6 cards OR 6 comments on 6 cards.


  • What about meld, like land+land=super land?
  • Meld lands are allowed.
  • Ok, I'll have something soon.
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    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs land:

    There have been a couple of standard wording revisions since my creation of this card that would benefit its formatting: "Create" tokens and "Add mana" (with no pool reference):

    {t}: Add {c}

    {3}, {t}: Create a 1/1 red Dwarf creature token.

    {t}: Create three colorless artifact tokens
    named Gemstone. They have "Sacrifice this
    artifact: Add one mana of any color."
    Activate this ability only if you control
    seven or more Dwarf creatures.
  • Considering that I don't trust myself not to forget this contest exists, I've got something simplistic that I made a while ago (and still need to port onto Cardsmith, come to think of it). The basis of its story is more of a story explanation for a set project that I've currently got on hold, but you can see it in the flavor text:

  • The Red Tower is a powerful organization that secretly controls the politics and conflicts their world. They also essentially have to power to "reset" the world and try again if their goal of balancing the world falls apart.
  • No man lands, like celestial colonnade?
  • Man lands are FINE. I just want LANDS, not like Land, transform, creature. I want JUST lands.
  • image image

    The story lies in the Flavor text,
    The idea was to make a legitimate 3 mana producing land
  • My entry, as long as old cards are allowed? originally created for the Mechanix 38 challenge
  • @Corwinnn just stopping in with a question:

    Bant Canyon can't be placed in decks, I'd assume? It's a 3 mana turn-one if you have it. Only Barren Canyon and then transformed into Bant Canyon?
  • @SammySammyson Yeah, Bant Canyon's the flip-side of Barren Canyon. You have to play it in your deck as Barren Canyon and it only becomes Bant Canyon when you pay the cost to transform it.
  • @MemoryHead Yeah okay that makes sense. I just didn't know if that was a specific Magic rule or if it had to be specified on the card. Thank ya
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    Huzzah! I was working on this for a bit, and I of course needed ways to balance it. One thing that I noted, but didn't think of, was that although you have a massive advantage (on turn 5, you'd have 11 mana at your disposal) until you sacrifice Crumbling Landscape, once you sacrifice it you're probably 2 mana behind everyone else (if everyone has played a land each turn) unless you're playing ramp and thus have the appropriate cards to counteract that. I'm not sure if that's good enough though, so I may change the card to add 1 crumble counter at a time, which was my original plan. HMMM

    Even if you play a second one as soon as is reasonable, you'll be down to 4 mana again on turn 8 even if you play a land that can produce 1 mana on each turn that you don't play a Crumbling Landscape. So I don't know, maybe this land is a total trainwreck, maybe it's a reasonable ramp card if coupled with a ramp deck that can handle suddenly having 8 mana less to work with (when the land is sacrificed).

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    @SammySammyson I might as well give some feedback on it, so here goes. The idea that it's balanced because it takes away a land in the long run isn't a good one. To give an example that doesn't fit perfectly but might work, City of Traitors sees some serious play in the formats it's legal and it only adds two colorless mana and potentially detonates almost instantly. The logic to run on with lands that make a lot of mana is "If I used a dedicated deck, could I easily kill somebody with this mana before the downsides of the card come into play?" If the answer is yes then (outside of certain, niche examples) the card is probably unbalanced.

    To explain it in a different way, when it gives me eight mana I can just use it to play an eldrazi titan. The fact that I then lack a land hardly even matters as the newer Ulamog can destroy some of their lands if there are not better targets.

    It's a neat concept and I feel like good things could be done with it, but it gives too much and takes too little from the player.

    Here are the cards I mentioned throughout that:
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    @MemoryHead yeah that makes sense. I compared it to Elvish Mystic, Llanowar Elves, and Llanowar Tribe, which together (if you're lucky with your draws), give a much greater mana advantage early on, but of course have their downside of being a creature.

    But yeah, the net mana "loss" with Crumbling Landscape would be 2, and would only yield about 2 turns with any serious mana advantage. I guess one big problem outside of what you talked about might be that it enables serious ramping in any colour. HMMMM. I'll revisit it and see how it goes. Thanks for the feedback!
  • Is this contest still going? I may have an entry today if it is.
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    Wrong card. Sorry. Delete this message.
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    This is my entry for your contest.

    EDIT: Got it working at last!
  • @EmolgAn, two things to say on your land, not that it is not a good entry, just some nit-picking.

    1st: Shouldn't be red? Since it adds red?
    2nd: The last ability should read: "At the beginning of each player's upkeep, all players may pay 2. If they don't, creatures without flying can't attack this turn"
  • Yggdruvial is an ancient tree in the plane of Malakai. It's believed that the gods prayed to it and it is known that its powers go beyond comprehension. Or they used to.

    It's a loooong story, but basically the god of light of the plane absorbed its powers to defeat the god of darkness in an upcoming war. Four planeswalkers (who do not trust eachother) share the common goal of defeating these evil deities. Unfortunately, the plane becomes weaker and weaker and so does Yggdruvial. Which will end up dying in the end (sad).

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    1. Yeah , you're right.
    2. No, because if I put this skill, each player should pay each turn, which could result in the complete blocking of not flying games. I wanted each player to pay only during his turn, you see?

    Edit: Ok. I see my error . I'll correct my card.

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    WINNER: @Faiths_Guide I loved the creativity and Disney-ness of it.
    Let me know what I need to do @Faiths_Guide !

    Honorable Mentions that get a Favorite:

    @Lastjustice I would personally play their land in a deck.

    @Red_Tower Resting the board? Love it.
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