Whoever just cast that clearly hates us! RESULTS!

Following the fun and games of my previous contest, I would like to invite you all to participate in 'Whoever just cast that clearly hates us'. There are a good number of cards in MTG that cause chaos, shut down your ability to play and just cause destruction for very little reward.

I would like to see examples of cards that are so utterly terrible to the game, you would be immediately glared at by your fellow players for playing such an abomination. I refer to cards like Chaos Orb, Shahrazad and Falling Star as examples. You could also consider the likes of Blood Moon and Pithing Needle. I have constructed this abomination as an example:


Your cards can be as serious you like. I very much welcome joke cards as well!


1st Place - A Follow + 3 Favourited cards of your choice + 1 Month of Premium Subscription to MTGCardsmith!
2nd Place - 2 Favourited cards of your choice
3rd and 4th Place - A Favourite card of your choice


1. Please enter up to 3 cards for this contest.
2. Any cards old or new are fine for your entry.
3. All decisions on the winners are final.
10 PRINT "Hi"
20 GOTO 10

Have fun and get your entries in for Friday, 21st June!


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