The UnBEARABLE Task (Forgotten Creature Types Pt.1)

Hello, my favorite group of internet community members!
If you were ever (for any reason) searching for the creature type BEAR, you have probably stumbled upon these two weird fellas:
image image
(Because they have BEAR in the FlagBEARer. That's at least how I foud them.)

And by now, you probably know, what awaits you. That's right, create a Bear creature card. Ok, JUST KIDDING. Your task is to create a creature of the Flagbearer creature type.

Eventually, you can make a creature with a custom mechanic, made for this contest:

Flagbearer (While an opponent is choosing targets as part of casting a spell they control or activating an ability they control, that player must choose at least one creature with Flagbearer on the battlefield if able.)

For this contest you can just put the name of the ability (Flagbearer) in the text box, the reminder text is very long. Everyone here will know what you mean.

And that's pretty much everything, 3 entries per person and I'm not expecting anyone to have old cards that fit this criteria, but whatever, old cards allowed.

More forgotten creature types comming soon...

Let's get smithing!


  • Oh, and a creature with the type Flagbearer does not have to come with this particular mechanic, although I recommend you to give them something flavorfully similar. Whatever you think suits Flagbearers.
  • First entry, keeping some of the flavor of its predecessors.
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    While it doesn't have the flagbearer ability, it's meant to be played in a flagbearer deck (if it's meant to be played at all) so I think it works.
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