Most Creative Cards!!!!!!

buld me your most creative card possible!!!!!! winner gets... uhh... idk... a follow and a card dedicated to them!!!! (idk i dont have anything to give away.)


  • Was really happy with how this whole card turned out. Technically made this for something else, but this had too much flavor I had to acknowledge the creativity I felt make it it. Hope you enjoy!
  • @Red_Tower i really like the artwork on that. it fits the card perfectly. also is cipher a real ability? if it isnt good job on creating it thats awesome! if it is its still cool dont worry. :)

    @TenebrisNemo The planeswalker is really cool. i only recently learned about emblems.(im new i know.) but i like the concept!!

    Also you guys wont be mad about who i choose as the winner right? this is my first contest ive hosted and i dont want to make anybody mad.
  • @GrandRhino - I'm glad you like it! Cipher was used in Return to Ravnica, if I remember correctly. Dimir guild cards used them.

    And don't worry about who you choose as the winner(s). It's not a big deal to the losers usually.
  • @TenebrisNemo hey thanks for telling me
  • @GrandRhino Yeah, Cipher was used during the Return to Ravnica block, although it was only ever printed on 13 cards.
    Also, I generally congratulate all the winners after a contest regardless of how I do in it. Generally speaking it's a very friendly vibe around here, where people generally want to help others improve and do well, and just want to see cool new card ideas.
  • @Red_Tower hey thanks! do you have any of the cipher cards?
  • If you mean do I own any, I know I own a few of them like trait doctoring, shadow slice, and maybe call of the nightwing, but I'd have to dig through my collection to check what all I have for sure haha.
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