The Callback Challenge-CLOSED

A reprint from Core Set 2020 got me thinking: Lotus Vale ( The card is an obvious callback to the infamous Black Lotus. It got me thinking about cards that are callbacks to other cards mechanically. So...

The goal of this challenge is to create an obvious callback card. Your entree must include your card and the old card. Here are some guidelines and rules:

-Your new card must obviously be related, but it can be related in any way. You could change up the colors or general mechanics, just make sure that the cards are similar mechanically
-Your new card shouldn't be an exact copy, however. I want to see some innovation. The cards should be similar, not the same
-You are allowed up to 3 entrees
-I'll leave an example in the comments to guide you if you are confused

As for prizes...

1st- 4 favorites of your choice
2nd- 3 favorites of your choice
3rd- 1 favorite and I will favorite your winning entrees

I'll be checking this thread daily and ending the challenge late July 14th. Have fun!


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