Whats up dude bros. Time for AN EPIC CHALLENGE...

So, the point of this simple challenge is to create a card that does something really cool and explosive. It's simple, and I bet that we'll get to see some cool cards made by other people. Anywho, here are some actual rules to keep things from getting TOO epic:

-This card must cost at least 7 mana. I'll excuse this if the card costs less but has additional casting costs like sacrificing creatures or paying life. Basically, the point is to make the card very grand. I'll post an example in the comments.
-No old cards. I'm going to keep these cards fresh.

As for prizes...

1st- 5 favorites of your choice
2nd-4 favorites of your choice
3rd-2 favorites of your choice

Remember, I am looking for a card that is still balanced. It can basically win the game, but it still has to have an appropriate cost and win in a cool way. I'll be judging on the 19th of July. Good luck.


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