Fairy Tale Tournament w/ @Murkletins



  • LAST CHANCE. As I have 8 submissions, I will be starting on August 3rd. I will accept submissions up until then.
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    Nalah and her "gifts"
  • Boom. Just in the nicc of time.
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    @KorandAngels Umm... this is fairytale themed. It needs to be around a fairytale. I’m sorry, but i can’t accept your submission.
  • Sorry. I’ll extend submissions until the 4th to give you some time @KorandAngels.
  • No, I don't want to enter that much
    I thought it would count...
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    Welcome to challenge #1! As we have nine competitors, the person who i think had the best first submission gets a by for the first round.

    Congrats @TenebrisNemo! You are safe for this round. Feel free to make a card if you so please.

    Now, to the challenge and your opponent.

    @ElMagici vs. @RayearthIX

    @SteampunkDragon vs. @Sanjaya666

    @ArmisJoe vs. @Temurzoa

    @Lujikul vs. @Mrbobblehead

    The challenge for this week is...

    Create a 1-4 mana creature in your color identity to be your companion.

    up to 3 points grammar/formatting
    up to 2 points flavor (not necessary flavor text, but makes sense with you character.)
    up to 3 points for correct power level
    and up to 2 points if it would go well against your opponent.

    Ready... Fight!
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    My entry:

    @ThatOneCat If this feels weird formatting-wise (no flavor/rules line), it's because its meant to fit into the Lorwyn block. That's also why my legendary doesn't have the legendary border. If you don't like this, I have no problem with changing this.
  • My companion:
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    EDIT: Card fixed.

  • "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear..."

  • @ThatOneCat - does the creature need to match all colors of the identity, or can it be just one of them? Based on the entries I see, I assume just one color is fine, but I want to be sure before I make a card.
  • @RayearthIX Yes! It can be just one. I was just saying it so people don’t go out of their color identities.
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    Once upon a time, a girl went to a cottage just outside of town to see her grandmother. She wore a red cloak her Gran had given her for traveling, and it had served her well for years. She was well known in the village as a gifted harvester of herbs and other needed plants from the forest, and since the gift, she always did so in her red cloak.

    When she got to her Gran's home, she noticed that the door was open, and the wood next to it was damaged. Worried, the girl rushed inside, to find a well known Hunter in the village, who had been pursuing both the girl, and her mother (which the girl found somewhat off-putting) lifting his axe. The girl couldn't help it... she screamed when the axe fell, and her Gran died. The Hunter, who hadn't noticed her until then, turned to see her and scowled.

    "Stupid girl! With her gone I could'ave finally had you and your mum! Well, I guess comforting a grieving mother will have to suffice."

    He hefted his axe and started walking towards her.

    The girl ran, slamming the broken door behind her, and sprinted into the forest. In her panic, she didn't realize that she wasn't running towards town, but away from it. Whenever she turned to look, the Hunter was running after her, and no matter how fast her legs carried her, it was never fast enough. As the sun fell, the Hunter continued to pursue her, and she eventually made a fatal mistake, tripping down a hill and injuring her leg on the way down.

    The Hunter's smile was deadly as he saw her. Cloak torn, leg bleeding... the girl couldn't find the strength left in her to even stand. She knew her life was through.

    It was then, while looking into the tree canopy, a black furred snout with amber eyes appeared, inches from her face. The wolf sniffed her once, and then again, before lifting it's eyes and growling at the Hunter. An echo of growls sounded from the woods. Then, the wolf howled, and she could feel the ground shake as paws slammed the ground around her and chased the Hunter.

    By the time the girl could walk again, the Hunter's body was gone, eaten by her new wolf companions who seemed to follow her wherever she went. She took his tools and equipment and vowed to never be the one running through the woods in fear again.

  • Thank you. :)
  • Im back, I will post it now.
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    It's just one of the many rats the Pied Piper would bring. Sorry for the rush, these last days were busy.
  • BUMP

    Judging Today or tomorrow if I can make time.
  • @Temurzoa @Mrbobblehead you haven’t submitted yet!
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  • Alright! Time for judging this round. Sorry it took me a while... I’m on vacation to Italy.

    @RayearthIX Your card will earn you 7 points. While fantastic from a lore standpoint, I fear that it may be underpowered for a legendary rare.

    @ElMagici Your card will earn you 6 points. While the concept is interesting, it would be underwhelming in play and is an uncommon worse 2/2 for 2.

    Result: @RayearthIX, Congrats! Your card wins. You can sit out the next round. @ElMagici You will soon be given a challenge to prevent elimination.

    @Sanjaya666 Your card will earn 7 points. While the lore makes sense, I think the card is maybe a little bit too strong and also “reveals” should be “reveal.”

    @SteampunkDragon Your card will earn 5 points. I live the idea and lore, but the way you worded the last ability makes it so it doesn’t work.

    Result: @Sanjaya666, Congrats! The Raven trumped the Hunter’s Hound. You won’t be needed for a week. @SteampunkDragon you will soon receive a card for the next challenge, fighting to not be eliminated.

    @ArmisJoe you earn 7 points. I enjoy the concept, and I think with Flash it would be perfect. At the moment it seems underpowered.

    @Temurzoa You earn 9 points! I loved the lore, the power level, and almost everything about the card! My one problem would be that the scry seems vaguely out of place.

    Result: @Temurzoa Enjoy a week of rest and relaxation, reaping your froggy benefits. @ArmosJoe You will have to fight for your elimination this week. Fight well!

    @Lujikul @Mrbobblehead Neither of your have submitted. I will accept submissions in the next 24 hours (or until i post after that) but if neither of you do, both of you will have to make cards.

    And with that, I present the challenge.

    For those who have a challenge this week, here it is -

    You find yourself walking towards the mountains, compelled by an outside force. As you reach the foot, you begin mindlessly climbing, feeling no pain. As you reach the summit. you hear a roar. A massive dragon attacks! Create an artifact with cmc 3-5 to fight this foul beast.
  • @ElMagici look at the bottom. I gave you your challenge.
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    have fun on Italy :D
  • @ArmisJoe - Dipping into that Greek mythos eh? Where's Paris when you need him to make a decision...

    @ThatOneCat - Thanks. :) I agree it might be a bit underpowered. I wasn't sure what the added CMC would be for taking control of all wolves I own, so I added 1 for that ability.
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