Stitia, Plane of 13 Deaths (RPG Style Saga/My First Saga)



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  • I didn’t think about that. Had a feeling I was missing a race or two!

    The rules are being updated to allow Shapeshifters.
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    Introducing Niyan! Niyan is a detective that specializes in all things supernatural. Once he discovered that he was a Triskaidian, he figured that the best way to avoid dying by unnatural means was to learn as much about the unnatural as possible. He's researched zombies, skeletons, vampires, and many more, staying hidden and watching them, studying their habits, mannerisms, and anything else he thought was important. He writes all of his many facts down in his trusty notebook:


    Niyan uses this huge amount of information to not only avoid dying, but to solve the cases of those who weren't so lucky. Whether tracking the culprit to a specific vampire clan or figuring out why exactly someone was possessed by a spirit, he is often able to figure out the cause and guilty party before the actual police. However, there's one mystery that he has still been unable to solve; that of his parents. He simply got home after a long night of sleuthing and found them gone. He thought nothing of it until he realized the next day that they never came home. He investigated where he figured they were when they were taken, and there was no trace. In fact, there was no trace of them. Their room was completely cleaned out, and when he asked neighbors and family friends about it, nobody seemed to remember them. Only he still knew that his parents had even existed. And the most frustrating part: it could have happened millions of times already and he would never know. It was the impossible mystery. No evidence, no eyewitnesses, nothing.


    No monster in his notebook, as far as he knew, could do this. He had no information. But he was determined to solve the case and find the culprit no matter what, and hopefully get his parents back.

    Basic Info:

    Race: Leonin
    Occupation: Detective
    Lucky Charm: Notebook
    Supernatural Event: Parent's Disappearance
    Home Sector: Changing Arcanum
  • @Aggroman15 You are quite lucky to have even made it this far. Many cases involving the supernatural tend to be “lost”... best way to say it: you’re probably the only supernatural detective who has lived this long.
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    Rafael was an archangel created directly by the Omnipotent Six as their right hand to prevent the latest civil war that devastated Hitcherald and killed a lot of people and angels to be happened again, in essence at least.

    But lately he's doubting about the Six about their 'omnipotence' because of tragedies and ominous events that have been happened around Hitcherald and beyond lately...


    And his charm? His real charm is actually a forbidden artifact that he always keeps it for himself: An ominous amulet he obtained from a powerful lich he slain during a secret quest he obtained from a mysterious cloaked stranger that made him to venture out to the neighboring foreign land.

    Feeling the strange power that is emanating from the amulet, and the steadily evergrowing curse that is blighting the plane, he finally felt compelled to do something more than just being enchained like a dog of his creators, so he's discreetly planning something to defect from the grip of the dubious Six.


    Basic info

    Race: Angel
    Occupation: Head of the Law Enforcement Forces
    Lucky Charm: ??
    Supernatural Event: The Great Heresy (The last civil war that caused the nearly downfall of the ruling Six)
    Home Sector: Hitcherald
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    Everyone's story begins tomorrow, for those that already entered a character. As for those that have not, don't rush. You'll be able to enter any time before Friday the 13th.

    I'm currently speaking to Ysa at the moment. He has some words for all of you...
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    My Day 0 introduction will probably be delayed. I'm having a bad panic attack and can barely type. At minimum, here's the final overview of the map, minus current character locations.

    I know it's crudely drawn in I don't have a touchpad to work with, nor a better way to make this map quickly. I'm not sorry.

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    Here are the current Player Characters, as per location, to verify that you agree with your starting location. Filled in are any NPCs, factions, etc. whose location should be assumed.

    - Ystheria: "The Horn"
    - Descour: Vryx ( @Bowler218 )
    - Nasita: Norana (Eternally trapped)
    - Woewedt: Bloodwood Clan
    - The Changing Arcanum: Niyan ( @Aggroman15 )
    - Racrion: Dawnwood Clan
    - Hitcherald: Ishka ( @KorandAngels ), Rafael ( @sanjaya666 )
    - Delvad: Duskwood Clan, Verth ( @EpicBoss99 ), Uvras, Layre Werewolf Clan
    - Etsane: K'Trinop ( @MonkeyPirate2002 )
    - Aesthr: Teil ( @Pepperoni )
    - Leighart ???
    - Padetra: Xataxji ( @ASubtleGhost ). Byro ( @spookoops )
    - Yrntrn ???

    Unknown: Mastiffa ( @ElMagici ). Please select an area you would like your character to start.

    Interested Players Without Characters: @HeroKP, @The-DM, @CrafterofTruths
  • I think it’d be fun to have K’Trinop to start in Etsane.
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    Teil vividly remembers being murdered, the second time at least, oddly enough, he even had the time to write the details about his murder in a series of notes he scattered in the sea and calculated where the currents would take them so he could find them after death. As far a his notes have revealed, he was first attempted to be murdered by some fellow church members in an unkown location, his not-yet-dead body was sold to the necromancers in Padetra that would make him an undead servant and then resold as a working slave trough Aesthr towards the shores of Etsane, in the way there, his rotting body found one of his notes and decided to attack his owner so he could be killed, thus becoming a lost spirit, that could more easily travel among the crowds and unravel the mysteries around his (and other's) strange deaths.

    Teil, uses the crowds to his advantage.

    A note left in the sea, how many are left is unknown.

    The moment he found his own dead body along four other corpses in uncanny conditions, he knew something was deeply wrong and had to find out what it was, he has all the time in the world.

    (Note, planeswalker Kaya or someone with her abilities could end Teil's afterlife, otherwise, killing him requieres unconventional methods)
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    *ding... ding... ding... ding...*

    The bells fill the night air around the plane...

    *ding... ding... ding...*

    The ringing seems to get louder with every strike.

    *ding... ding...*

    The night sky begins to darken with a black fog. Somewhere, it seems like an organ has begun to play the symphony of a dark tomorrow.

    *ding... ding...*

    The bells are deafening. The organ overtakes the sounds of silence as crows fly across the moon, all you can see in the black sky. Anyone who was asleep seems to have awoken. The living and the dead. Something seems off... way more off than usual.

    Image Credit - Nele-Diel (DeviantArt) Copyright 2019


    The bell strikes twelve o’clock midnight. The Dusk Moon. The sixth day of the sixth month... in the sixth year of the 13th century. Everything seems wrong tonight. Legend tells that tonight, fates are cursed. A plume of crimson smoke arises from Nasita, and more crows fill the sky, making the already black night jet black.


    A thirteenth bell. Like a warning sign. The organ lets out one last breath before it dies...

    Date: Friday, June 6th, 1206 Stitian Time
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    @Bowler218, @Aggroman15, @KorandAngels, @sanjaya666, @MonkeyPirate2002, @Pepperoni, @ASubtleGhost, @spookoops, @ElMagici

    As the living lie awake in their beds or wherever they were, and the spirits of the dead lay shaken, all who can see staring at the sky. The crows begin to fly in a circle, and suddenly, they disperse, as one crow makes a crimson streak across the sky. Ysa. Tonight is a special night for him, as he rushes to deliver his fortunes to all those in need.

    (All of you will be messaged with your individual fortunes in time. Predicting the future is a messy business...)
  • Well, I said it was a messy business. With the last of the fortunes read, Ysa’s life has come to a bloody end. All that remains is the skull from which his cards were drawn, and his son, Arne.

    Character Introduction - Arne

    Image Credit - Sam Hogg Copyright 2019

    Arne was in line to be the next Grim Diviner, but after communing with the Six, they decided that a certain Triskaidian was in more dire need of that power than Ysa or Arne were.
  • Many of your fortunes were harrowing. Visions of death and damnation. Loss and betrayal. And for one of you, it resulted in the death of Ysa the Grim Diviner. But there is no time to waste contemplating the wise words that old man said. With the rise of the Moon of Catastrophes comes an incredible upgrowth of supernatural horror. Entire flesh pits emptied. Werebeasts across the land hunting in one, coordinated hive mind. Witches and demons at their most powerful.

    You hear strange, unnatural sounds nearby. Each of your threats are different, but the goal is the same. Survive.


    Make a card that depicts the weapon, spell, technique, etc. that you will use to defend yourself from an invasion! Everyone’s fight is different, so read below to find out what threat you face.

    Points will given based on how well your response works against the enemy, as well as as a card (I’m looking for balance here, but don’t fret the details)
    Entries will be scored from 1-30. Any score below a fifteen will count as a miss, but don’t worry. I’m not killing anyone yet...

    • 5 points for fittingness
    • 10 points for card effect and balancing
    • 15 points for response to threat
    • You will lose five points if the entry is not new
    • You cannot submit any card you’ve submitted so far for this contest

    @Bowler218 As you roam through Descour’s barren wasteland in search of food, you find a massive set of footprints. They’re still warm. Confident in your ability to shoot a crossbow, you follow the prints, which lead to a large overhanging rock formation. Underneath lies a giant, sleeping beast, large enough to feast off of for months. Taking the opportunity, you load your bow and aim directly for the eye. However, the arrow shatters upon merely the scales of its eyelid, and it awakens. If every arrow you shoot is going to shatter, how will you deal with this massive Goliath?

    @Aggroman15 (Joined by a mysterious companion only known to the player): As you continue your investigation on your parents’ disappearance, the city around you seems strangely empty. Even the lanterns that light the streets at night are out. You go to turn down an alleyway along your usual route when you feel a trademark chill across your spine. You and your companion both turn to see a Shade blocking the way out. You turn to run, and another Shade swoops in to block your escape. With no way to climb the sloped walls, you must fight. What will you do?

    @KorandAngels, @sanjaya666: As stated in the message I sent you, Rafael and Ishka were in the midst of defending a temple from a zombie invasion. However, Ysa used the power of the six to pause the battle. Now that he’s gone, the fog on the temple begins to rise, and the battle is back in full force. The clerics below you prayed for the zombies to be purified, but thanks to the fog, their blessing was cast away, and they are helpless as the dead feast upon them. You’ll need something big if you want to take the zombies on by yourselves. What will you do?

    @MonkeyPirate2002: As you familiarize yourself with the world around you, you see a man with a child and a strange blue lantern. “Ah, the good ole’ dusk moon. Perfect noight to be ghost huntin’, eh, son?”
    “Daddy! I think I see one!”
    The father and child turn to see you, and the father pulls out the lantern.
    “Come here you shellless carcass! I’ve got a nice little house for you to sleep in!”
    Suddenly, you feel your life essence being sapped away. How will you deal with the ghost hunter?

    @Pepperoni: Ysa’s Fortune haunts you. “A demon seeks your soul as payment.” Who and why? You’ve never sold your soul, and your debts are paid. As you contemplate this, a boat pulls onto the island and you rush to hide, but it’s too late. Off steps a cold, towering figure with a cigar, the same one you struck to get yourself killed.
    “Hey, buddy. I saw you.” He says in an intimidating matter. The cigar lights his face, and you realize that the man is, in fact, a demon. “Why don’t you come back on board? I worked hard for your body, soul included!”
    The demon throws his cigar in the sand and marches towards you, grabbing you with an ephemeral claw. How are you going to deal with the demon before it’s too late?

    @ASubtleGhost: You notice that some of your undead servants are behaving strangely. Your focus is interrupted when you notice that your altar is being used. You slink over to see the reason behind this strange, inconsistent use, when you realize that your undead servants are chanted a strange incantation. Suddenly, black smoke arises, and an all-powerful demon emerges. Slaying the cultist for heresy, you rush in to confront the mysterious demon. What will you do?

    @spookoops: As you prepare to finish your second attempt at your newest cure for the plague, the wind blows out the light underneath your medicine cauldron. Hastily, you close the windows and relight the fire before the chemicals can become imbalanced. Adding the last ingredient, you stir the mixture within. Suddenly, the windows fly open and the cauldron flame is blown out again. You wonder how they could of opened, since they open to the outside, but your thought is disrupted when your cauldron falls over, as if it had been pushed. The unstable cocktail begins to rapidly bubble, and you are forced to jump out a nearby window as it explodes. The door flies open, and you feel an evil spirit brush past you. What will you do about the poltergeist?
  • Is it too late to join?
  • @EpicBoss99 No, not at all! The last day players can join is Friday, September 13th
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    Okay, here is my character!


    Verth Odbar was born in the nicer part of Ystheria to loving and caring parents. They taught him that he must always act with honor and virtue, a trait that he always kept close to his heart even to this day. While he studied in school, he took part in many trips to the northern part of Delvad to aid the poor and protect those that were struggling to fend off the horde of unnatural abominations. It was in Delvad where Verth met his closest friend, the wizard Uvras. Uvras was a very distinguished scholar among his peers and within the walls of Ystheria's most prestigious academies. After completing his studies, Verth and Uvras would often team up each night to defeat large hordes of werewolves and other creatures that prowl the streets of Delvad at night. While this was a perilous and grueling task, Verth never accepted any money for the deeds he did. Making his family and his community proud was all that mattered to him.

    Just one night was all it took for Verth to take his samaritan crusades much more seriously. While finishing up his studies on a cold night in October, news arrived to Verth that there were plans made by a pack of vengeful werewolves to murder Verth's family. Verth quickly spread the news to Uvras and rushed to his humble cottage home in the northernmost part of Ystheria. Thankfully, Verth arrived just minutes before the werewolf pack could arrive. However, their alpha, a werewolf by the name of "Layre the Pillager", ambushed Verth, plunging his claws into Verth's chest. Despite the mortal wound, Verth was able shoot Layre several times with his shortbow, forcing Layre to retreat. Verth got lucky that time, but he knew he wouldn't be able to fend that beast off again. He needed to grow stronger.

    After recieving extensive medical treatment and being assured that he wasn't infected from the attack, Verth permanently moved to Delvad and began extensive research on the many species of lycanthrope. Months of studying and research brought Verth to the conclusion that he himself must become a lycanthrope in order to defeat Layre and the other lycanthropes that plagued Delvad. Uvras was extremely opposed to this idea at first, but since options ran thin due to lack of time and lack of resources, Uvras eventually agreed. He used his transmutation magic to alter the moon, transforming Verth into a lycanthrope.


    At first, Verth's plan seemed to be going smoothly, until Verth's first transformation under the full moon caused him to go rogue, going completely missing for several days. The intellect and cunning of Verth was personified in Verth's new form as a thieving wereraven. These meticulous creatures are able to slip into the shadows at a moment's notice, never to be seen again without the use of magic. Using their unparalleled stealth, wereravens are able to steal lives as well as possessions in a matter of seconds. Without something to control Verth, Uvras knew he would become a more terrifying problem than Layre.


    Because of this foreseen predicament, Uvras spent the days Verth went missing creating a solution for his friend: a magical ring that would allow Verth to control his new powers. Once Uvras located Verth and used the ring's magic on him, Verth reverted to his human form. Uvras realized that he had created a very powerful artifact indeed: a ring that gave its wearer the ability to transform at will and retain their humanity while transformed. However, should the Ring of the Lycanthrope fall into malicious hands, it would mean disaster for everyone in Delvad. It was a risk they had to take in order to ensure Delvad's safety.


    For the safety of Uvras, Verth was forced to part ways with his good friend. A week has passed since Verth has become a wereraven, and he now travels throughout Delvad in hopes of slaying Layre and any other creature that would harm the innocent. Even with the odds stacked against him, Verth hopes to one day bring peace to all of Stitia.

  • No, it can't be... K'Trinop thought to them self as they watched their very essence get sucked away by the glowing lantern. No matter where K'Trinop flew to, the father and son where always close behind.

    "Ooh boy, that them's a persistent one, ain't that right?" The father remarked to his son, mildly bemused.

    "Don't that mean they're gonna be worth less than the usual?" The son replied faintly.

    "Who knows. This one ain't like the others."

    It was hopeless. There was no way K'Trinop could escape the draining tug of the strange lantern. Is this my fate? K'Trinop pondered. Is this how the... 'gods' punish me for a crime I have no memory of? They floated idly, having lost any hope to push forward, to reclaim their lost memories! The door to learning their identity was once open, but now it has been slammed shut. K'Trinop closed their eyes, and awaited their end.


    The tugging sensation of the lantern abruptly stopped, but when K'Trinop opened their eyes, they did not see an empty void as they expected. Rather, they were still floating on the dimly lit streets, with the duo of spirit catchers standing utterly baffled. K'Trinop was curious why they were suddenly surprised at first, but the spark quickly realized they were surrounded in sphere of shimmering energy.

    "Let's get outta here son. We don' wanna mess with stuff we don' know." The father quietly whispered. They quickly turned and ran, not wanting to incur the wrath of the enigmatic spirit. K'Trinop did not pursue them, as they were still unsure of what happened.

    Whilst pondering, K'Trinop noticed a small cat with a coat as dark as the night, with bright blue eyes that sparked with keen awareness. It looked at K'Trinop with a mournful stare, then quickly leaped back into the shadows as though it never existed in the first place.

  • I will be submitting a character soon.
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    This is not the first encounter that Byro has had with the spirit types, nor does he believe it to be his last. Having plenty of experience, he quickly conjures a set of spectral chains that drag the poltergeist back to the realm of the dead.

    Now it was time to get his hind moving. Why would a spirit come and ransack his personal home, they have always steered clear of him and his practices. Byro continues on the hunt for a plague cure, and with new found gusto, its origins.
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    Well, the only way I could free myself from this guy the last time was by getting myself killed. He's already got a grasp on me, there's no way around this... I know this is a stupid idea, but I have to try it, otherwise I'm back on the boat, I hope I can Outpossess a demon... I allow his ephemeral hand to pull me, grab one of my bottles with notes and use the pull to break it on their face, then I try to gain control of their body.


  • image

    Pathos was exiled from heaven nearly a hundred years ago for providing unsanctioned aid to the mortals below. Unbeknowst to many of his superiors, he still has some sympathetic friends in the sky above, and smuggles down pieces of divine power from heaven to earth below.


    Although initially Pathos's motives for helping the mortal races were pure, when he was banished from heaven he found for the first time he was a creature of needs. He needed food. Shelter. Rest. Possessions. And so his smuggling escapades became a for profit enterprise. One of the first things he ever bought himself was a pocketwatch. The notion of needing to keep track of such small units of time was foreign to most heaven dwellers, and Pathos had to check it constantly in order to get a feel of the ebb and flow of time in the mortal realm. Now he doesn't need it as much but is still him most treasured possession.


    Living a supernatural life, it was actually an encounter with the mundane that moved Pathos to act. Back when he was still in heavens good graces, he injured his wing and was forced to live in a small village for a few months as he waited for it to heal, so he could fly home. Afterwards he peered back down at the village from time to time. The first unsanctioned act of aid he made was to deliver a sliver of starlight to young child from the village who had contracted a rare disease.
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    @KorandAngels (Hope it's ok to add your character in this story.)

    'So those visions about these... dark times are true.' Pondered the six-winged archangel. Even from the first look, anyone knows that Rafael was no ordinary angel. And he certainly not a pushover in his abilities of how to deal with large amount or strong foes, for he was made with extraordinary amount of magic and combat prowess to defend the holy country.

    The strongest hand of the Six, he could be, but certainly he's alone not powerful enough to search and destroy the curse that was proclaimed by the strange sorcerer who apprently could effortlessly stop the time itself, namely the Cursed Rebirth.

    In the end, he still at loss about where to start looking at. And who would defend Hitcherald if he go out from the country?

    'The Six certainly could made another arbiter... Six be damned, I really am thinking like a heretic.' He frowned.

    "Lord Arbiter?" A female angel hovered slowly beside him. Despite of the cacophony of the war, her voice was unmistakable because she was also the one who was also claimed by the strange sorcerer to has the fate similar to him.

    Then Rafael focused his attention towards her, despite of his longing gaze towards the battlefield below.

    "Identify yourself, brave soldier of light."

    "Ishka, I am the one who is assigned to defend this holy temple since the beginning of my creation, my lord." She dispelled her sword and kneeled in the mid air.

    "Rise, my soldier."

    And the female angel straightened herself back to gaze the battlefield.

    "Do you have any suggestion about where do we start looking at?"

    She turned her head.

    "Pardon me?"

    And Rafael stared back at her.

    "You know very well what I mean."

    A short silence, then she tore her gaze away towards the battlefield.

    "To be honest, I also still have no clue about the curse, aside of from its terrible effect. I apologize, my lord."

    "Do not sorry, find the solution of the problem."

    "..." The female angel said nothing.

    "We both stuck in the same boat here, and, in the meantime, we could only wait and do what we do best. In addition, do not venture out from Hitcherald unless you're certain what you are doing, and report to me if the sorcerer pays a visit to you again. That is a command."

    Ishka steeled her gaze back at her superior and nodded.

    "Affirmative, my lord."

    "For peace, and justice."

    "For peace... and justice."

    (Note: Yes Rafael's title is the Lord Arbiter so Ishka would formally call him so.)
  • @Tommia (Gonna post the card later.)
  • Looks like I’ll have my hands full for a few. Nice! I’ll get back with everyone in due time.
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    @EpicBoss99 A rogue among lycanthropes. Living so close to those that hunt you, your life will be quite a dangerous one. Perhaps your gambit with the moon will pay off after all.

    @Derain2 Exiled from the land of the gods, you are now mortal, and therefore, susceptible to the Cursed Rebirth. Your naivety and concern for others has cost you your immortality. Hope that it won’t cost you your life...

    (P.S. to Derain: With your character, your starting location seems arbitrary. While you are an angel, exiles from heaven would likely never be allowed into Hitcherald.

    Likewise, as a mercenary, you would likely be living in Ystheria or Etsane, possibly Yrntrn. Please choose a starting location.)

    Both of you will receive a fortune from Arne soon. Apparently, Ysa missed a few Triskaidians during his flight.

    As for everyone else, here’s how the map sits.


    - Ystheria: "The Horn"
    - Descour: Vryx (Bowler218)
    - Nasita: Norana (Eternally trapped)
    - Woewedt: Bloodwood Clan
    - The Changing Arcanum: Niyan (Aggroman15) and their Companion
    - Racrion: Dawnwood Clan
    - Hitcherald: Ishka (KorandAngels), Rafael (sanjaya666)
    - Delvad: Duskwood Clan, Verth (EpicBoss99), Uvras, Layre Werewolf Clan
    - Etsane: K'Trinop (MonkeyPirate2002)
    - Aesthr: Teil (Pepperoni)
    - Leighart: Reliqid Vampire Clan
    - Padetra: Xataxji (ASubtleGhost). Byro (spookoops), Mastiffa (ElMagici), Oklein Manor
    - Yrntrn: Pathos (Derain2)
  • Pathos is probably living in Yrntrn right now, where the demands for his product is high and people can afford to pay. He has also developed slightly expensive tastes, and that's where he can best indulge.
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