Stitia, Plane of 13 Deaths (RPG Style Saga/My First Saga)



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    For everyone who responded so far, here are the outcomes of your actions. You will receive a message with detailed info about how your response was scored later.

    @MonkeyPirate2002 Thanks to whatever magic the mysterious cat used, you are safe. The person you encountered was a spirit hunter, who uses a mystic lantern to capture and deliver souls for use in necromancy and demonic rituals. While the father and son are still out there, your safety is now assured.

    @spookoops Your spell ignites the once invisible poltergeist in an ephemeral flame, chaining them before dragging them to damnation. With your home damaged but your body (and will) unscathed, you grab what things you have left and continue your research.

    @sanjaya666 Your powerful spell makes quick work of the horde, but due to the massive number of zombies, some undead still remain. Momentarily drained, you must hope that Ishka can finish the job.


    @Pepperoni As you grasp the demon’s arm, both of you begin to feel weak. The demon’s ephemeral Claw stops glowing, and you begin to feel his grip fade. Passing into his body, you attempt to possess him...

    Choice: As your spirit fills the demon’s body, his life force begins to fade. You now have two options.

    A. Fully possess the demon. You will continue your adventure in the body of the demon. The demon is a corpse trafficker from Padetra, and therefore, you will have to travel there to deliver your body. Or, you could take over the boat and risk raising suspicion.

    B. Attack the demon’s soul and kill him. You will not possess the demon, but you won’t have to deal with the logistics of avoiding suspicion.
  • @Derain2 Got it! You’ll receive a fortune and a challenge soon!
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    @Tommia obtaining the body of a Demon-pirate is an opportunity I can't ignore.
    I choose A. I will deliver my body back on Padetra, this guy must know important stuff, I can check the boat, look for clues, whatever, I will change course when I get a lead on something.
  • The last words Arlin had said were a dawnwood clan spell to put their soul in the weapon they are holding, giving the next person the help of the original owner.
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    PHEEW! For once, since I’ve started this saga, I can actually say I’ve been busy at my light duty assignment. Although... I’m technically not supposed to be on this thing.

    @Pepperoni Forcing the demon’s soul out of his body, you begin to absorb his memories...

    Character Possessed: Teegar Crlarainza

    “Sorry buddy. You’re worth more to the main man dead.”
    ~famous words

    Teegar was a pirate from Nasita that has been through the Cursed Rebirth three times. In this life, he finally decided to make a pact with a lich named Treyble; if he could supply Treyble with the corpses of the finest people (whether they were dead before or after his service), the lich would pay him, supply him with undead minions, and support him in achieving lichhood as well if he were to die.

    Be wary. Now that you have destroyed Teegar’s soul, you are the one bound by this contract, but it may turn out to be worth the price if you were to bite the dust...
  • I’ll get back with everyone else soon. Gotta get off the tablet. I’ll be back by, at the latest tomorrow, but hopefully later today.
  • Oh lord, what did I get myself into... If it comes down to that, I may pull a Liliana here, but for now I'll just keep investigating and play along.
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    CHALLENGE ONE - Group Two

    As chaos erupts across the plane, two new Triskaidians are dragged into the fray...

    [This segment is for @EpicBoss99 and @Derain2 only. Everyone else can ignore this]

    You are about to be attacked. Make a card that depicts the weapon, spell, technique, etc. that you will use to defend yourself from the invasion! Everyone’s fight is different, so read below to find out what threat you face.

    Points will given based on how well your response works against the enemy, as well as as a card (I’m looking for balance here, but don’t fret the details). Unique responses are encouraged, as anything within reason goes!

    Entries will be scored from 1-30. Any score below a fifteen will count as a “miss”, but don’t worry. I’m not killing any player characters yet...

    • 5 points for fittingness to character
    • 10 points for card effect and balancing
    • 15 points for response to threat
    • You will lose five points if the entry is not new
    • You cannot submit any card you’ve submitted so far for this contest

    @EpicBoss99 As the night continues, with lycanthropy more powerful than it’s ever been, you feel a remarkable vigor within you. You feel like you can take on anything, which has led you to defend Ystheria with a more personal approach...

    Flying deep into the heart of Delvad, you find the den of werewolves that you slew earlier. After killing their leader, they are enraged, and are mounting a large scale offensive. As 10 werewolves charge towards Ystheria, you suddenly realize that in your gusto, you neglected to cloak yourself from danger. One of the wolves saw you. How will you deal with their impending ambush?

    @Derain2 After the annoying evening you’ve had, you finally manage to get to sleep. However, when you finally manage to doze off, all you see is black. No dreams. No color. Nothing. You try to trigger a lucid dream, but nothing is happening. You try to wake up, but you can’t. You feel paralyzed. Finally, the black begins to fade into a hazy darkness. You are lying in a dimly lit corridor, with seemingly no end. Abruptly, you feel a shiver run up your spine, and you turn to see a nightmare. The creature begins to feed away at your very essence, and both the dream and your life begin to fade. This may be a dream, but the consequences are very real, and there’s no waking up. What will you do to defeat this nightmare?
  • Sorry, I am probably going to be very last deadline for my character. Need to finish the art.
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    @CrafterofTruths Oh? Custom art? If you're taking the time to do that I can extend the deadline a little. No need to rush.
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    After a week of feeling unstoppable, Verth's emotions got the better of him. He now found himself in an incredible predicament: either kill the werewolf that compromised his position and let the others escape, or pursue the entire group, leading to certain death. It was at this moment when Verth referred back to his studies.

    "When werewolves found themselves outnumbered, they would call in reinforcements. Of course!" Verth thought to himself. "But how exactly would I go about doing that-" Verth's thoughts were interrupted by a swipe at Verth's face, which he gracefully dodged. "There's no time to think, I just have to act on instinct," Verth told himself, taking a deep breath. "...I hope this works." After dodging two more attacks made by the ferocious werewolf, Verth put his improvised plan into action.

    "CAAAAAAAWWWW!" Verth shrieked. His plan was a raven's call so loud that it echoed through the werewolves' den and out into the surrounding forest. The entire pack turned their heads to lock their sights on Verth, ready to viciously tear the wereraven apart. Verth braced himself for his seemingly inevitable death.

    Suddenly, as if by some miracle, hundreds of ravens flooded into the den, pecking and flapping their wings around the werewolves. Verth wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, but the ravens weren't doing any sort of significant damage to the werewolves. However, while some of the ravens met their doom at the claws and fangs of the werewolves, this was just the distraction Verth needed to take action. Using the sea of ravens as cover and taking advantage of his power increase from the Moon of Catastrophes, Verth silently and methodically slew each werewolf until the pack was no more.

    After the surviving ravens returned to the forest, Verth took a short but critical amount of time to catch his breath, remaining in his wereraven form as a precaution against any unforeseen werewolves in the area. "First a magical fortune teller, then the so-called 'Moon of Catastrophes'. What else is in store for me? Can I actually get through this alive? And what about Arne's prediction? Will I really lose the ring?"

    Verth had many questions swimming through his head, but one thing was for certain. This battle was far from finished.


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    I'll be fixing a very minor issue with these later, but for now, for those who have premium, here are the fresh, warm from the cauldron, Stitia set symbols!!! (Common) (Uncommon) (Rare) (MYTHIC)
  • @Tommia Momentary decision?
  • Yeah. I’ll put more time into it when I get the chance. I had a single hour to work with last night.
  • @ElMagici Got it! You’ll receive a fortune and a challenge soon!
  • Planar Events

    Padetra is now a heat zone. With three Triskaidian residents and a fourth Triskaidian setting sail to it, encounters, especially with the supernatural, are more likely.

    The time is now five o’clock...

    The bells are tolling again.

    *Ding... ding...*

    The night has been hectic. No one has even bothered to look up towards the sky, for they fear that if they don’t pay attention to their surroundings, they’ll face certain death...

    *Ding... ding...*

    Suddenly, it seems as if everything stops. A collective focus towards the sky, and everyone realizes a problem. A big problem. The moon still stands as though it were midnight, even though the sun is about to rise...


    The townsfolk see it. The wolves see it. Demons, shades, and spirits, city dwellers, angels, and lycanthropes alike. Every living creature on the plane bears witness as twilight begins, but the moon is still aloft in the sky...
  • CHALLENGE ONE - Mastiffa

    As the night rages on, the Oklein Manor is plunged into darkness...

    [This segment is for @ElMagici only. Everyone else can ignore this]

    You are arranging a mass sacrifice with your servants, when you notice that one of them, out of nowhere, went missing. You ask your guards to find this missing man, and they hastily oblige, spreading throughout and around the manor. A few moments later, you hear the screaming of a guard, then the fluttering of wings. Several other screams are heard, and you put the meeting on hold as the manor is put on lockdown. Your guards investigate, only to find pools of blood and grey, empty corpses. Eventually, one pool has a footprint, as though it had been stepped in. These bloody prints leave a trail, which you and your shadow (protector of the throne) follow...

    ...eventually the trail ends at the entrance to the Chamber of Sacrifice. Right back where you started. The entire main chamber is filled with blood, and you see several sets of footprints. You hear footsteps approaching, and you turn to see one of your guards, bloody and pale, walking towards you. His mouth is dripping with blood.

    “Madam... we have an intruder...”

    The man draws his sword. As though they’ve been there this entire time, a group of your guards, led by a woman in a veil, begin to surround you. All of their mouths are dripping, just like the first.

    “So this is Oklein Manor? Home of the bloodiest demon in the land? I hate to tell you, but the appetizers and entrees here are... underwhelming.” The woman pulls back her veil to show her face. Carla Mal, the empress of a small group of vampires. “Hopefully... the desert is better!”

    She has attacked your manor, killing many of your servants and converting several more. It’s readily apparent she has to die, but how will you deal with her and your stolen servants?

    Points will given based on how well your response works against the enemy, as well as as a card (I’m looking for balance here, but don’t fret the details). Unique responses are encouraged, as anything within reason goes!

    Entries will be scored from 1-30. Any score below a fifteen will count as a “miss”, but don’t worry. I’m not killing any player characters yet...

    • 5 points for fittingness to character
    • 10 points for card effect and balancing
    • 15 points for response to threat
    • You will lose five points if the entry is not new
    • You cannot submit any card you’ve submitted so far for this contest
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    @EpicBoss99 You can’t believe it. As convoluted as your improvised plan was, it worked. While you are still brimming with power, the tiring encounter left you mentally drained and running on pure instinct. Determining that Ystheria is safe, you decide to return to your home in Delvad to rest. You’ll need it.

    You and everyone else will receive detailed scoring information soon.
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    I’ll be advancing the contest soon. Right now we are waiting on @Aggroman15, @ASubtleGhost, and Derain2.
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  • @KorandAngels (But what if Ishka's hiding something? I write it purely from the perspective of my character, I have no idea about what's going on in your character's mind.)
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    I would rather not swear allegiance to you, or treat you so respecfully, and I am the unusual angel.
    I'll stay anyway.
    The spell.
  • @KorandAngels (Like what I said: I have no idea about the true intentions of your character.)
  • @KorandAngels (Also a reminder: destroying creatures is usually a black effect, while exiling them is white.

    "Exile target creature." Would be more fitting.)
  • I am just saying that she doesn't do that.
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    @sanjaya666 My half of the story. You're in it, but don't do very much.
    Ishka manifested her blade slightly, channelling all the light it emits into a tiny beam.
    The light moving past him wakes Rafael from his delerium. "I never ordered you to do that!"
    "Some things, created one, cannot be ordered."
    A breif gap in the fighting, as the invaders back away from Ishka's light. A few undead catch fire and crumble to dust.
    "You are under my command!"The six-winged angel seemed slightly angry.
    Ishka was silent, and kept burning the opposition. Finally she replied: "You are created by others, who I partially predate. I created myself. (Also, this is not my temple)"
  • @Tommia

    Mastiffa folds her arms and raises an eyebrow, looks at Carla and says: "So, do you kids finished prancing and doing mischief on my manor? Do you know, you are inside a sacrifical chamber, right? And, do you know another thing? You left bodies scattered around, so...", she snaps her fingers and a thin mist engulfed the floor, then the greyed bodies started to rise and some of the floorboards started crackling. "Last chance for you, miss, will you test your mettle on this enclosed arena with my friends or will you cease this right now and earn a chance to not be sold as a breeding dog to the dwarves?"

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    @KorandAngels You turn this chance meeting aside, staying true to your own allegiances. Though allies by association, you are not acquaintances.

    Your attack finishes the remaining undead, giving peace to the temple. Now that it is saved, you part ways with Rafael. Likely you will cross paths again, but for now, you will remain separate. In a feast held in the honor of you and Rafael, both of you refuse to attend.

    @ElMagici Obviously, Carla had assembled minions among your men, but she wasn’t prepared for reinforcements. The blood flows off the floor and into the altar, and suddenly it’s as though the whole guard never died to begin with. Surrounded, the servants that betrayed you are helpless as they meet their demise in combat with their former allies. Realizing she may lose her life here, Carla turns into a flurry of bats and vanishes, leaving behind only echoes...

    “I will return! Curse you, Madam Oklein!”

    You will receive detailed scoring info soon.
  • I now see a bit more about the residents of this plane. With this info, I’ll be sending out personal challenges later. These are optional, but they will grant rewards...
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