Mining for Gems : Restart

Get your mining axes and hard hats ready to delve through your collections!

This discussion is a reboot of @JBYT_LoadedTommy's (now known as @Tommia) Mining for Gems discussions, to boost activity on older cards. However, since this is not for a set, some of the limitations presented by the two original threads won't be present. Onto the fun part!

If you have an older card that you think hasn't seen the light of day and think it should, post it here!

Rules :
- No more than 3 cards each week (subject to change with or without notice)

- No more than 4 favorites on an individual card upon the time of commenting on this discussion

- Each card must be at least a month old upon the time of commenting on this discussion (for this discussion's sake, a month will be 30 days)

- No anonymous cards (so feel free to post other cardsmith's cards)

If you've finished reading this, start mining!


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    And I'll fire up this discussion with some real old cards :


    Side note : Real gems are appreciated if they are actually a month old when you comment with them!
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    Well, everyone expected me to enter, right?

    1. The Sword or the Knee


    I feel this is quite underrated. This is great for mind games, forcing opponents to decide whether to lose two creatures, or to give up one. The choice is theirs, but the benefits are yours.

    2. Runa and Jun, Stormrunners


    Shock. This is a mechanic I never really leveraged well. While nowadays, I’d make this cost one more to cast as normal, overall, this card is pretty awesome, least in my eyes. Combine flash and dash, and boom. A nasty shock surprise on an opponent’s turn.

    3. Joseph’s Messenger


    You know it’s old when it has my name in both the name and the flavor text, and yet, it’s a goldie. It’s a two mana 1/1 flyer, but you can risk revealing your strategy to your opponent to net yourself some scrying.
  • Well I liked this design when I created it, and I still do, even though many people haven't noticed it.

  • Here's two more cards. I thought they were smart when I created them a long time ago. What do you think?

    image image
  • I've always liked this one, but as it's part of a set, I felt it went largely unseen.

    I feel that this one is one of my most underrated cards. True, it is kind of vanilla, but a solid creature, and one that would be a great backbone in a lot of decks.
    This is one of my more popular cards with seven favorites. Still rocking hard though.
    Honestly, I should have probably dropped one of the mana used to cast this. Still beautiful.
  • Also, faved planar reshaping
  • sadly given the erasion of my cards, I can't show you my oldest stuff, but I do like looking at what you guys have to offer. Pretty neat stuff so far
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    Here's a gem. This card is nearly a year old, and in my opinion, looks a lot like what I normally make now.
    It uses Fade, a mechanic I designed that allowed you to pull back cards into your hand. Basically an activated Boomerang, placed on a permanent. I only put it on a few cards.
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    Here's another. Made this one in the spring when my highschool drama club was doing Beauty and the Beast. It uses Riled by @Sorinjace.
  • I have so many good, old cards that I can't pick what to post.
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    I totally think this is a great idea for a discussion. I'll post some old cards here asap.
  • Here's my 3 picks for the week:

  • @Corwinnn @mtgcardsmith @Tomigon
    Could one of you close this discussion? I'd appreciate it, since this seems to have died out.
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