The Roleplay Episode (Contest)

Hey guys! Back with another contest after some time.

You probably know the "monarch" mechanic from Conspiracy: Take the Crown. And if you don't, this is how it works:
"Only one player at a time can be the monarch and has the following ability: "At the beginning of the monarch's end step, that player draws a card." Secondly, several cards in the set get better if you're the monarch. A special marker may be used to indicate the Monarch on the battlefield. This is not a token, because it can't be destroyed. There are various ways a player becomes the monarch: 1)Playing a card that makes someone the monarch. 2)Dealing combat damage with a creature to the monarch. 3)Being the active player when the monarch leaves the game. 4)Being the next player in turn order, when the monarch is the active player and leaves the game."
-MTG Wiki
Here's the emblem:

Now, what I want from you - create another role, that could appear by the court (or wherever you want, it's absolutelly up to you). Create cards associated with that role - the more the better! Let's feel the flavor! Create an emblem (if you want) and a default ability for the role. The role may be good as well as bad - just be as creative as you can!

That's all and get to smithing.


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    So would you like us to make support cards for these new roles as well as the new role?

    Cause like i could think of something right away to add too monarch then base cards around it. The new concept is JOKER

    It's not something you want to be, but it also is.

    Spells are casted that give you the Joker marker.
    A player with The Joker marker can cast spells of that type without paying their casting cost, but ONLY spells of that type.
    So this is my example. So if I casted this on you, you can cast Enchantment spells for free, but can only cast Enchantment spells until you casted two after of which it's destroyed and you are no longer The Joker.

    I may have to word the card differently because as it stands more than one player could be a joker. But maybe it's better that way.

    Another technical ruling might be while jokers can't cast spells outside of their joke category, they can still activate abilities on spells they currently possess. So let's say you enchant someone with this, but he has a creature in play that can destroy an enchantment. He could use the creature to get rid of it.

    Mind you some methods of getting out of your joker role may not be so easy. Like say a blue instant where now you can only cast instants for free. At that point you'd need something already present on the battlefield that says remove joker marker.
  • Hmmm... You got it absolutelly right. And here are some of my thoughts on your idea:
    - If you play for example the example card on a player who's playing a creature based deck - they are out! They can't do anything (unless, as you mentioned, they have something on the board that can destroy the curse, but you would obviously get rid of that before playing the curse if you knew they ran a creature based deck).
    - And the other way around is also pretty busted. You play an instant/sorcery (as you also mentioned as a possibility for this mechanic) that makes you the joker, you can play an instant based deck and win on the spot by free-casting something like the Ultimatums or Rise of the Dark Realms... you get the point.
    - The joker should better define WHAT is that card type you're allowed to play. I mean... I kinda get it, but then don't? Is it the type of the spell you used to become the joker?
    - The idea is great however, or the base concept at least: Something that you can either give to yourself to get an advantage but at a balancing cost, but can also give to your opponents to do some mischief. As you said, "It's not something you want to be, but it also is." And that is a good concept.
  • @DrakeGladis Well, thanks, but what about entering?
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    I think what I cooked up for this isn't quite what you had asked for, but it is flavorful and works with the existing monarch ability (it's a batch keyword):

    Absolute monarchy!

  • Yes, absolute monarchy is a REAL thing, I looked it up on google before I created this card. I thought it sounded pretty sweet, so I just went with it.
  • Hope this is allowed.


    Still can't figure out how to post this as a picture, but I made a commander with @sorinjace's Absolute Monarchy, surprisingly similar in nature to the enchantment he just posted.
  • Might think of one. I've got an idea in general...
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  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos @Kingtalk @sorinjace Guys, I think you got it wrong. This is not another "The monarchy needs you!" contest. You're supposed to make new roles for the game simmilar to how monarch works. Still great cards tho, but they are not what this challenge wants.
  • @ThePhantomJoker dang it. I thought as much. Well, you got me to create a new custom ability out of it at least! I guess I'll have to retract my entries then, my bad.
  • @sorinjace No, you can leave the cards here, this isn't a too serious contest anyways. I don't know if I'll even judge it or stuff like that. I just want to see some creativity. And your mechanic is pretty nice and flavorful. I like it.
  • image
    Here is the Underdog "Emblem"

  • @AlexWright that's really good! Lol
  • @Sorinjace Thank! I spent a while on that one and I was pretty happy about it.
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