"You meet at the inn..."

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Hey guys! This is my first saga, so I'm just testing things. The more I would be happy if this turned out fun.

So, the basic idea is basically in the title. It is the absolute basic of role-playing games.
- Create a legendary creature
- 1-3 converted mana cost (no kickers or other additional costs)
- The character must be suitable to be an adventurer (humanoid basically, but if you can somehow make it work...)
- Nothing too overpowered
- Flavor is very welcome
- Put great effort into wording and overall design of the card! (and all other cards you make in this saga)

After three (or more, as I feel) participants the story will begin - with the core sentence "You meet at the inn." And that's what will happen. From there I will write excerpts of the story and let you make decisions as in an RPG, create ore cards and stuff like that. Let's see how it turns out.


  • Do you accept old legends?
  • "first daga" Haha sorry, had to point it out.

    I had a quick Question though, should we provide a little backstory of our character as well? Like nothing too specific like location names, since i'm sure that'll be up to you since it's your world. But enough to get an idea on everyones characters role.
  • @TenebrisNemo I would rather see some new cards (if you have an older charracter that you just use to create a new card, that's fine I think).

    @Norzael Oh... thanks for pointing it out, *fixed*. And for your quick question: That would be lovely.
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    Awesome. My character is below. Feel free to let me know if it is a bit too powerful for this, and i shall dim it down.

    My character shall be Norzael.

    Norzael is a member of the Unseelie Court and specializes in the darker side of Shamanistic magic, though some believe there is a thin line between this magic and Necromancy. Norzael serves under the noble Morgan, as do most members of the Court.

    Norzael is what the Faeries call a Changeling*. At birth Norzael was put in the place of a human child with a glamour**, and grew up living among humans. As such, Norzael gained trust from the Humans around the area, and continues to wear the Human glamour to keep the peace as well as blend in from the watchful eyes of the Seelie Court.


    *NOTE: I know that changeling is a keyword for MTG, so don't be alarmed by this. I am simply taking Faerie lore and placing it into the bio and only the bio.

    **NOTE: For those of you who don't understand what glamour is:
    Glamour is an archaic word for [the] magic [of the Fae]. Glamour can make curious onlookers see what they wish that person to see or not see what they do not wish that person to see with this ability. It can also hide the true whereabouts of a faerie, so one could say it's a survival skill in addition to being magical. So, when someones says, "Looks can be deceiving." You may want to make a important mental note of that.
    Site: https://faeriepedia.weebly.com/glamour.html

  • @Norzael Awesome! I think that the power level of your faerie is just fine. I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of the adventuring party.
  • @Norzael In the second ability you put ‘Norzael, Unseelie Shaman’ instead of ‘Norzael, Shadow of the Unseelie’
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    @shadow123 Dang it. You're right. I had that as the original name but forgot to change it because the site logged me out when i went to preview so i had to copy paste and found a better name. Ill get it fixed. Fixed now.
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/jakul-shadow-assassin

    Jakul comes from a long line of people who could step between reality and the void. Each person before him had used it for evil, but he is using it for good, kinda. He still assinates people, but he does it for people he believe are the good guys. He also occasionally goes on adventures with other people, but they never trust him.
  • I will be entering soon.
  • I shall enter!
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    Kertch, Lost Cause


    Occupation: Cleric (Formerly), Innkeeper with “his father” Fredrick
    Skills/Talents/Helpful Traits: Spirit-based protection magic, Ambidextrous, Athletic
    Important Info: Runaway, Wanted alive, Bears the brand of a demon on his left palm

    Kertch, born as Ronzo Millary, is a runaway who sought help from the church, only to be turned against. Now alone, he lives with the owner of the inn, trying to find refuge from the arrestors...

    When Ronzo was 7, an attack on his hometown left his mother Cashika and father Monty fatally wounded. Seeking assistance, he found a man who could save his parents, but what he didn’t know is that it came at a huge cost. The man he trusted with his parents was actually a demon in disguise. Upon shaking the demon’s hand, he was burned with a brand that reminds him of his mistake. The demon took his blood, as well as his mother’s body and her soul, only restoring his father to health. His father figured out what had happened, and wished Ronzo would of let them die.

    Shaming him from that day onward, Ronzo’s father wasn’t the same man he nearly lost. Mourning the loss of Cashika, his father became a struggling gambler and an alcoholic. Many days Ronzo’s father would be aggressive, hung over from the night before, and many nights he would drink away his sorrows, losing another pocket full of change to irresponsible gambling and a fifth of the tavern’s strongest. He was never there unless he was hateful, and spent Ronzo’s money on his own vices. Finally, seeking a better life with a better purpose, Ronzo ran away from home, secretly stealing his twin swords, and with the assistance of a pastor, faked his own death.

    Ronzo was reborn with a purpose, under the faith of the church, and under the name of Kertch Del’air. For years, he studied religion and philosophy, learning magic and morals hand in hand. However, things took a turn when he was grievously wounded during a random act of violence. The healing magic of the church was powerful, but not enough to sustain him. As he bled to death from a sword wound to the chest, it seemed all hope was lost, when suddenly, the brand on his hand glowed hellfire red. Thirsty for vengeance, he rose back to his feet, despite the fact that he should have been dead. Chasing the attackers down, he went on a killing spree, taking the lives of all ten men that raided the church. It wasn’t long before the church discovered his act of wrathful retribution, and he was exiled from the church forever, being placed on the criminal watch list with a bounty of 50000G.
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    Race: Bigfoot?
    Age: 44
    Abilities: Calmness, good at healing.
    Chala is kind and calm, and lives in the wilderness. He was originally a human outcast from a wild tribe due to his contemplative, kind nature (Opposed to the warlike, frenzied warriors of the tribe proper). He admires the small things and minor impacts, since it's so easy for the weak or outcast to accomplish them.
  • I also plan to enter very soon.
  • We now have 4 adventurers, the right number for an adventure, especially is we had a tiger or something as a pet to one of them.
  • My character bio is finished.
  • WAIT FOR ME AND @TenebrisNemo!

    I will have everything up within 2 hours!
  • Erica, Runaway Princess

    Age: 17
    Abilities: Escaping, Strategic Thinking


    Erica was a Princess in the kingdom of Astropolis. She had lived in the lap of luxury. She had everything she wanted, servants everywhere to help her do every single task she wanted. At first, she had loved it, but the more she watched over the land, the more she saw the unfairness of the life she had lived. After she talked to her mother, she got very angry, as her mother told her that becoming queen and assuming the throne was her destiny. She made plans that night to run away, and she did a week later. Erica found it much harder to survive than expected. On the first night she was attacked by a gang of robbers who stole many of her silver ornaments before she could flee. This left her with a picture of her mother and father, 937 gold coins, two silver necklaces, a gold ring, and a pair of diamond earrings. And by a few weeks, she longed for home, but Erica knew she had already given up her old life and settled in a new one.
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    Contrary to urban myth, Vazren's feet do touch the ground from time to time. No one paid him no mind as he stepped into the crowded inn, which was only natural, since Vazren was very careful about showing his face to his little "kingdom." Urchins and runaways largely. Most of them were good kids, but many of them would rat Vazren out for two coins to rub together. And who could blame them? Few moral arguments were as poignant as a rumbling belly.

    His last pull went well, and Vazren had money to spend. He walked up the bar ordered his first drink and collapsed into the chair. This was just what he needed, a crowded room, a good seat, and a bad ale. All that was missing was a handsome companion...

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    A very long and detailed backstory will follow
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    Ok guys! This grew quicker than I expected.

    So, the people we now have:
    @Norzael with Norzael, a faerie shaman in disquise
    @Tommia with Kertch, a former cleric with the mark of a demon in hiding
    @KorandAngels with Chala, a very peaceful troll
    @shadow123 with Erica, a runaway princess

    I'm sorry to not include @Bowler218's Jakul, the card was just too messy and hard to understand. Don't get me wrong, I like the interaction with shadow, but it was just not very well designed. You're out for now, but you can maybe join later if you rework the card.

    The two people that said to enter, but didn't create cards yet are: @HeroKP and @TenebrisNemo. Because we already have enough characters, I'll give priority to the people who already have their cards. If you make your entries within 2 hours, I could include you as well, but I don't want this to be overcrowded.
    Here's an idea: Maybe you could play like "villains"? Just people who appear after the main party has left the inn to create some player-character vs player-character interactions. That coul be cool. Tell me what you think.

    And unexpectedly we have another entry, that appeared while I was writing this:
    @Derain2 with Vazren (who has supposedly already arrived at the inn)
    I'll let you be in if you correct the wording on your card. I'd say something like this:
    "As long as there are four or more creatures are on the battlefield, Vazren (the Rooftop King) can't be blocked.
    Return Vazren (the Rooftop King) to its owner's hand: Target creature can't be blocked this turn. Activate this ability only if there are four or more creatures on the battlefield."

    Oh my gods, you just can't let me finish this statement in peace. Looks like @HeroKP has joined after all. The last ability is way too strong. Please rework it, then we'll discuss what to do next.
  • No more entries for now, please, we have enough people! Thanks.
  • @ThePhantomJoker I'm little confused. What wording is off on Vrazen? I'm happy to fix any mistakes, I just can't see them.
  • @ThePhantomJoker - Sure, I would like to create a villain! When do you want me to create & post it?
  • @ThePhantomJoker

    Changed it to five!

    In regards to alignment, I'd like to be a character who exists around the party, sometimes helping them on the quest, sometimes selling them items with a discount, but ready to betray them if it will help his corporation
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    @Derain2 Compare the two versions (yours and mine). You missed some apostrophes and wrote "So long as..." instead of "As long as..." and "...only if four or more creatures are on the battlefield." instead of "...only if there ar four or more creatures on the battlefield."

    @TenebrisNemo Great! You can create a concept for now and release it some time after, when I tell you to do so, or when the adventurers leave the inn, or when you feel like it's time for your epic revelation. After all, you are not doing an NPC but a player-character, so you can state something like "I'm just waiting outside the village, whan a band of suspicious people, who look like thay could be robbed, head towards me." (just an example). By the way, I think it's fine for you to create a 4-mana character since there's six people in the party.

    When I think about it... Does anyone want to change their allignment to be a "sort-of-villain" to join mister @TenebrisNemo?

    @HeroKP Ok, seems fair. You are in.

    After we sort out all this stuff, the story will begin!
  • @ThePhantomJoker (Minor subnote, tell me if you want me to change it, but in his story, I mentioned my character lives with the owner of the Inn)
  • @Tommia No, I actually liked that! It's a nice idea, keep it that way.
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    Updated card:

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  • Are we starting?
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