It's a Miracle! {Judged}

Hello Everyone!

After my last contest "The Legendary Expansion!", I felt the need to create another similar contest. "The Legendary Expansion!" was created due to the lack of officially released "Legendary Sorcery" cards. So now I'm taking a step further into the "left behind" mechanics, and asking for a miracle. Literally.

The objective of this contest will be to create a card with miracle. Lose 2 life.

For those of you who are unaware of what miracle is:
Miracle {cost} (You may cast this card for its miracle cost when you draw it if it's the first card you drew this turn.)

Miracle is a keyword used for Instant and Sorcery spells. They provide an alternate cost to the card if it is the first card that you would draw that turn.

This was a powerful mechanic when released, but it was also a costly one at that. If at any time you couldn't cast it for its miracle, you were most likely stuck holding it for awhile, or spending more mana than needed.

So let's see what miracles you bring to the board!

Entry Limit: 3 (1 Old limit)
Needs to include the keyword "miracle"
Must be an Instant or Sorcery
Please be as realistic as possible
Ensure the structure of the card is formatted as well as possible
Deadline: 9/20/2019

1st - 5 favorites of their choice and a follow
2nd - 4 favorites of their choice
3rd - 3 favorites of their choice
HM - 1 favorite of their choice

(All entries that place will receive a favorite as well as the additional rewards)

Craft on!

{U}{B}{B}, {t}:



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