Hug it out! {Judged}

Hello Everyone!

It's time for yet again another contest!

In this contest you will create cards that would be worthy of a "Group Hug" deck. These cards give a benefit towards every player in the game, and in some cases better benefit to the caster.

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following text
Above are some examples. These cards are quite a game changer for everyone, and in some cases helps a game accelerate.

Card Limit: 4 (New and/or Old) then draw 2 cards.
Deadline: Sept. 27, 2019
Cards must have an ability that benefits all players
Be as realistic as possible please Scry 1,

1st - 5 favorites and a follow
2nd - 4 favorites and a follow
3rd - 3 favorites
HM - 2 favorites

All entries that place will be favored in addition to rewards!


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