To everyone in the mtgcs community, this contest is FOR YOU. Here, you have a chance to create a card for another fellow cardsmith, or create one for yourself!

I have a great collection of cards created for cardsmiths on my profile. Here is the link to the set folder these cards are all in just in case you are interested in browsing it:

Here is some examples I made:


Without further ado, lets get to the rules and prizes!


Cards can be made of any type of card so long as they are made FOR a cardsmith. They can be of yourself, or of another cardsmith.

Nothing disrespectful. Anything questionable WILL be reported, no questions asked.

Yes, by all means, submit your old cards you made! I'd really love to see it!

Of course new cards are allowed.

No maximum amount on entries.

Please provide the cardsmith's username the card is for. If you want to also provide a link to their profile, that would be helpful, but not required.

Cards can be un, derp, or serious.

Cards "can" have mtg art for this contest, but it is favored that original non-magic the gathering art is used.

Of course, if you can, please credit the artist.

YES, you can submit a link to your own set folder of cards you made of yourself and/or other cardsmiths.

Rules subject to change

Contest is ongoing and will end when I make the announcement (so you have time to create cards for people you may have missed or haven't gotten around to yet for this year!)


4th place will receive 3 favorites, and their name mentioned in the hall of fame!

3rd place will receive 4 favorites and their name mentioned in the hall of fame!

2nd place will receive 5 favorites and their name mentioned in the hall of fame!

1st place will receive a whopping 10 favorites, a follow from me, and their name mentioned in the hall of fame! If I am already following you, then you will receive 11 favorites instead.

Depending on the number of entries, there will also most likely be room for honorable mentions. Honorable Mentions will receive 2 favorites!

Each entry will receive a favorite from me, and will get added in my Cards of MTGCS set folder. Cards NOT posted individually within the contest discussion here may or may not get a favorite from me.

It's time to create cards!

SJ :)



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