Artificers Unite! {Judged}

Hello Everyone!

First I want to how much i appreciate the people on these forums. I love how everyone is actively creating and sharing and critiquing. It makes me so happy to see such a bright and friendly community!

Okay, now to the contest.

Today's contest is going to be about creating artifacts. But not just any artifacts, artifacts that involve colors. Now, i'm not saying they have to be colored artifacts, but rather artifacts that are similar to the examples below. They can help those creatures of that color, or they can deter opponents creatures.

Now normally, a single entry, is a single card for most contests. For this one though, every two cards is a single entry. Please ensure that both cards of an entry are in the same post please. The reason for this is because in addition to including color into the artifact, you must make a similar artifact using a different color.

image image
This contest will not limit you to purely equipment, but these were some great examples of what I'm looking for.

In this example, Ring of Xathrid grants the ability to regenerate equipped creature and gives a +1/+1 counter on upkeep if it is black. Whereas Ring of Thune gives equipped creature vigilance and a +1/+1 counter on upkeep if it is white. This is similar to what i'd like you to create for this contest. Feel free to PM me for questions.

Entry Limit: 3 (Min:2, Max:6)

Entry Restriction: 2 cards per entry, must be in same post. Each entry should be two similar artifacts involving seperate colors. (See Example)

Color Restriction: Must involve a color within the text.

Card Types: Artifact Only

Deadline: Thursday, Oct. 10th, 2019

1st: 6 Favorites and a Follow
2nd: 4 Favorites and a Follow
3rd: 3 Favorites
HM: 1 Favorite

As always, Entries that place will be favored in addition to rewards.

Have fun and Happy Smithing!


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