Cursed by the Crimson Moon (Tommian Monthly Challenge for October, Premium Prize!)

Welcome to my second SERIOUS monthly challenge. The last one I did, although niche, turned out pretty well, so let’s do something more people might be interested in...

The moon hangs high above. You hear a howl in the distance, and you know what time it is. You gather your weapons, and set out to fight the beasts of the night. Little do you know that you’re about to have a lot more on your hands than ever before.

Suddenly, the moon flashes to red, reflecting an eerie crimson light. You don’t understand what’s going on, so you decide to go back home for the night. It’s better not to deal with things you don’t understand. However, moments later, you hears a choir of different sounds emerging from around the plane, and none of them sound natural. The mighty caw of a bird... the bellowing of cats... a hyena laughing... you look outside, and suddenly realize that you are transforming. A gruesome transformation it is. Your vision is twisted and warped. Your ears shrink away, and your entire skeleton bends and twists as you collapse onto your hands and feet. What... what are you?! You hands and feet aren’t there, and you begins to grow two more sets of legs as your entire body is coated in an eerily fuzzy grey coat. The last thing you can do before you lose complete control is look into a mirror, and the creature looking back looks nothing like you... staring back with its beady eyes, you don’t know what transpired to cause this, but your look exactly like a spider...

Werespiders?! Yep! I went there! With my custom set, one of the things I set to do was bust down the walls on lycanthropy, and that’s the theme of this contest. Making all sorts of lycanthropes! Choose your lycanthrope type, and make a card that fits it!

Everyone knows about the werewolves. They’re cliche at this point! But here’s one of my favorites, for reference.


Werebirds cloak themselves from sight, using their extreme predatory stealth to trick and deceive. They can methodically pick off enemy after enemy undetected, safely securing whatever shiny objects catch their eye. They make expert assassins, being potentially more deadly than their enemy, the werewolf.


Werecats and werehounds gather in packs to protect the innocent and each other. Unlike the predatory lycanthropy experienced by most, werecats and werehounds are fairly domestic, and, for the most part, maintain sentience and self control. Even a savage thug can turn into a tame creature if they bear this mark.

Coming soon?

Wererats prowl in swarms, scavenging whatever they can find. They frequently leave famine and disease in their wake, being more deadly after they leave their mark than when they leave it. While the weakest form of lycanthrope physically, they make up for it though strength in numbers and expert navigation and coordination.

Coming soon

Werebears and werebeasts are the most physically powerful lycanthropes. They will stop at nothing to protect nature and each other, and will kill anything they feel is a threat. They are incredibly violent, but they almost never confront anyone outside of their domain, so if you get into a fight with one, it’s your own fault.

DEFINITELY coming soon. Card is ready, not publishing yet

Lastly, we have werebugs and werespiders. Most lycanthropes retain size or grow. While this is also true of werebugs, some shrink as well. They are incredibly hard to deal with, either being small and hard to combat or large and hard to kill. They are a severe threat to crops, so farmers frequently have to hire guards for their farms.


Limit three legendary entries, and five entries total, per person.

- Top Three Per Race: Favorite On Entry
- Best Non-Legendary Per Race: 3 Favorites of your choice
- Best Legendary Per Race: 3 Favorites of your choice
- Best In Show: Favorite on Entry, 4 Favorites of your choice, Follow, ONE MONTH OF PREMIUM!

The Deadline is November First!


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