Modern Marvels (Cards for Eternal Formats)

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I have a bad feeling about this...

Everyone knows I'm the weird uncle of strange, bizarre card designs that should probably not be made, yet somehow work well enough to fit in a Magic deck. I find myself just creeping into the favored cards section, but quickly getting slammed down by better, more sanely made cards with less screws loose. And one look at Modern Horizons told me I'm not alone when it comes to making cards that make you ask yourself, "Why would anyone in the right mind make this?"


But perhaps, my mind's color identity is Izzet, and so I have absolutely no concern for the fact that my cards frequently make no sense. Until you think about it. I may not play Modern or Vintage proper, but EDH is basically "100 Card Vintage Singleton". Crazy cards and strategies that cause heads to be scratched and turned are frequently my favorites, from your Naya Doubling Seasons to your Dimir Laboratory Maniacs. And apparently, me and Wizards of the Coast share some very bad ideas. I didn't know Hogaak was a card when I made Fallen King Kervanis, after all. (But at least I didn't make a card that will immediately get banned in the format it was designed for XD)


Anyways, lo and behold the mechanics that should never be brought back. The concepts that were never explored, for better or worse.

The challenge? Surprise! There is no specific criteria for this challenge! Read on for details!

Make a card that would fit well in Modern/Vintage/EDH! Is it an adventurous design? Is it a cycle that brings back a mechanic best left untouched? Is it the bridge in a strange build's gap? Anything goes! Get creative!

Cards will mainly be judged on creativity, originality, and "difficulty" (balancing a complex card design.) I'll also be judging grammar and syntax.

Entry Limit: 10 cards maximum per person; can be edited or swapped out before deadline
Deadline: December 18th (until I judge)

- Top 5: Favorite on entry
- 3rd: 2 Favorites of your choice
- 2nd: 3 Favorites of your choice
- Best In Show: 4 Favorites of your choice, Follow, ONE MONTH OF PREMIUM!


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