Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... The Circuit Challenge!

Seasons greetings, fellow cardsmithers, and welcome to my newest contest!



I got the idea for this contest from another cardsmith's card created by @JerroTheDerro:


Now, the image is a bit creepy (to me), but I thought "Why not make a contest based around snow cards?" So, I did some talking with a few other cardsmiths, and this contest is the result of the talks I had!

For a special treat, one of the cardsmiths I talked to has teamed up with me to bring this contest to you talented cardsmiths, please welcome fellow cardsmith @murkletins as a guest judge for this contest!

So what exactly is a snow card? Here is some examples of some real magic the gathering cards:



The breakdown:

I would like to see you guys create cards that are Snow cards. The examples show permanents, but there isn't any cards out there that support snow permanents that are nonpermanent cards, are there? So here is your shot. Make some cards that are either snow permanents, or make cards that support snow permanents. Be creative!

Examples of nonpermanent snow cards, and snow permanent cards I made for you guys:




1.) Up to 5 entries only please.
2.) Entries can be old or new.
3.) Limit of 1 old card. Cards made before November 1st 2019 are considered old as of this contest's opening. (So if you submit 1 old card, you still have 4 more cards you could create for this contest.)
4.) Editing is allowed on all entries up until the final day of accepting entries.
5.) No magic the gathering remakes or already used magic the gathering art. Doing so your entry won't count. We are looking for as close to original work as possible.
6.) Credit the artist of the art you chose. This will count towards the judging of the contest (yes, it will hurt even if you provide it later if you don't edit the card to include the artists name. That credit is extremely important.)
7.) Rules subject to change. If there are any edits to the rules, they will be stated along with the entries.
8.) No magic set editor created cards allowed please.
9.) Entries are due by Monday, December 9th, 2019 11:59pm est, USA.


In the event there are enough entries, there will be honorable mentions. Each honorable mention will get a favorite from both myself and @murkletins as well as 1/4 Circuit Point!!

3rd place winner will receive a trophy favorite, their name mentioned in the hall of fame, and 2 favorites from sorinjace, and 2 favorites from @murkletins as well as 1/2 Circuit Point!!

2nd place winner will receive a trophy favorite, their name mentioned in the hall of fame, and 3 favorites from sorinjace, and 3 favorites from @murkletins as well as 3/4 Circuit Point!!

1st place winner will receive a trophy favorite, their name mentioned in the hall of fame, and 4 favorites from sorinjace, and 4 favorites from @murkletins, and a 1 month premium to help edit their cards (or to grant to another cardsmith you may want to help out with a premium!) (phew, that's a lot of favorites!) as well as 1 Circuit Point!!

Each honorable mention card and the top 3 cards will get a favorite on the card from myself and @murkletins, so you don't have to use your earned favorite(s) on your card(s) that got honorable mention or better.

There may be a surprise in store as well, participate and have fun, this could be you that gets the surprise prize! Special thanks to @murkletins for making this happen!

Well, that's the gist of the contest, folks. Let's see you make some cool snow cards! We had our first snow of this winter touchdown today in my hometown, so ironic. Happy cardsmithing!


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