Dancing to the rhythm! challenge (In support of Damnation and sorinjace!)

Hello fellow cardsmiths, myself am wanting to show support to two cardsmith pals, named @Damnation and @sorinjace. So myself decided it would be best to host a challenge about musician's encore performances due to positive reception on the idea.

"Your goal is to make cards expressing encores from musicians in the game of MTG. They can be any musician you want, new or existing." - Inspired by @Damnation and @sorinjace

What is the entry limit? There is none.

When does this challenge end? We'll see based on participation.

Any additional guidelines will be listed below!
1) Credit the artist of your card's artwork.
2) You may post up to two old cards, in addition to those that are new.

Prizes: (These are the base prizes and will be added to if there is enough participation.)
1st: 5 favorites and a follow.
2nd: 3 favorites and a follow.
3rd: 2 favorites and a follow.
Artist's choice award: 2 favorites.
Flavor text's choice award: 2 favorites.

Let's sing our praises and get this rhythm rolling!



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