Anyone else interested in monster(?) species? Also, interested in hosting a challenge off of this!

Hello fellow cardsmiths, myself am fascinated by so called monster species. As such myself wanted to ask if anyone else is fascinated by these kinds of creatures and if they'd be interested in a challenge about this topic!

Myself have been reading the following for a while now and have been impressed by the creativity of others. Being a woman, myself always imagine being a mythical species of my gender. Since this feels like a fascinating hypothetical, myself have always thought what kind of species myself could be other than Human.

So my question is... "Would anyone be interested in a challenge where they make cards of themselves as another type of species? Monster or not."

If you are interested or not, please comment, as myself want to try new things on the forums.

Happy smithing to you all!



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    Snake bump!

  • I'd be interested!
  • @Bowler218
    Thx pal!

    Was contemplating giving a playmat away as a prize to promote it. Is this something you'd be interested in?
  • Yeah! I've been wanting to get one for a while!
  • I do this anyway.
  • I am... intrigued. However, as a full disclaimer, every card I make of a legendary character is me. Or rather, one of my personalities. I have myself as a dragon, a wolf, anthro wolves, a tiefling, a dragonborn, a grull angel, a dwarf, a vampire, and some automatons, and outside of smithing, as everything from a rat to an animated wedge of cheddar cheese(long story). So whatever it is that I do, it will be a personality of mine, however, it might not seem to be so, and I would have issues trying to show you.
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