New CCC Post - Hidden Treasures

In case you missed it or are just finding it for the first time, the latest CCC Blog from @East2West is live!

Featuring cards from @LadyBlackJack, @Baron-777, @TenebrisNemo, and @Lastjustice!


  • The Cards featured and discussed from cardsmiths by @East2West

    By Lastjustice

    By Baron-777

    By TenebrisNemo

    By LadyBlackjack

    Thanks for the inclusion of my card East2Best....I mean East2West hehe.
  • This post made my day. I had given up on the fast batching keyword (I've only used it on three cards, and Snatching Youth was one of them,) but now my motivation has returned to create new cards with it in near future. Thanks very much and good work on the blog post, @East2West!
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