Secret Cards Challenge

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Each time, you send me a message involving the present conditions I present of the card you must design.
The top 5 cards get a favorite from me, and are presented before I move on to the next challenge.
I will always reveal the full list of people that competed in this challenge, placing the order of the cards I'm most impressed with when I judge them.

How long do I have?

Until I've received 15 cards, or it's been a week, whichever is first.

How many cards?

ONE per person, per round.
Each favorite you give me grants an extra card good for 3 rounds.

Challenge 1 Conditions:

The card must specifically be a legendary blue/black creature.
The card must cost a converted total of 5 to 8 mana.
The card must have an 1st and 2nd triggered ability.

Remember, the conditions are semi-random, based on mere whim at the time.


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    @Reizon, do all of the conditions have to be met on a single card, or are those simply three options to choose from?
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    @Ranshi - It's possible, but it's better to just meet the conditions on EACH one. My key to judging is appropriate content - and I weigh creativity quite big.

    For example, three cards, ONE entry, each taking one of the specials.
    Or one card each, three entries, all of them with all three specials.
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