Advanced Mana Challenges

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I state the criterion of a given advanced manna, and it's your duty to make as many cards based on the advanced manna.
All I can give is a favorite to each good card, but I can and will even give comments on your cards based on how good they are.

Otherwise, each advanced manna will last for 1 week, then I go on to the next advanced manna.
Remember, you MUST use the advanced manna to at least PLAY the card.

On that, lets look at our first manna.

Fume Mana {black and blue}

Features GAS based cards.
Must deal with 'oxygen counters'.
Main Subtype: Nox
Featured Abilities:
Exhaustion - every creature in play looses all their abilities except this one unless they use x oxygen counters.
Suffocation - every creature in play looses +X/+X unless they use X oxygen counters.
Asphyxiation - every creature cannot attack/block unless they use X oxygen counters.

Every entry will be placed into my list, but the order indicates the place it gets.
The first 6 forms of manna deal mainly with hazardous environments.
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