What would you make Purple out to be?

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First, if none of you understand what I am talking about in regards to the color Purple in MTG, read this article below.


This discussion asks a simple question, "What would you make Purple out to be?" What I mean by this is, if you had creative decision over Purple's philosophies, characteristics, play-style, the whole nine yards, what direction would you go?


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    (Oops, revealed too much)
  • Personally I think it would capture a sort of changeability and incorporate mechanics from the whole color. I feel like it will be unpredictable and wacky, having somewhat of the feeling of an un-set but a bit less chaotic.
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    I think of blue, but with a more creative and existential take.
  • WotC said it would be greens opposite so my guess would be low P/T matters and a control esc design
  • @IzItTru

    Green is material, so purple should be very immaterial

    One could even say psychedelic.
  • Purple would value, as @HeroKP said, a surreal creativity; ways of looking at things beyond the material perspective. Ways that I can picture the execution of this include dreams, space-like stuff, and a few other things that I know not the words for.
  • I lowkey want to play Blue-Purple control now
  • I would think that purple is chaotic, and creative, 

  • Wonder what a P/G deck or card would be?
  • Overpowered?
  • Purple would get Illusions and Nightmares.
  • Maybe Goo monsters? Such as gelatinous Cube type monsters?
  • I think that fits the anti-green check list, but only if they were as changing/unique as illusions and nightmares.
    Mutants and horrors might also work, and possibly avatars(?)
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