War of Wolves - Set Contest (Premium Prizes)

Welcome to the War of Wolves

The War of Wolves is an era in a homebrew setting based on some of the lore from Dungeon's and Dragons (An ongoing campaign is being run there, and another one is scheduled soon). The plan is to create a draft-able set based on this world.

The goal of this contest is to brainstorm archetypes, interesting mechanics, and all sorts of stuff for it. For lore purposes the set will be based on a feudal war between 8 different kingdoms, with two other factions filling out the roster to make 10. It isn't strictly a multi-color set, but each faction will have two primary colors and a supporting color. The supporting color won't be relevant enough to call it a strict shard or a wedge.

(These aren't the final depictions of the characters, and I encourage others to either make their own takes on characters in this world, or make completely new rulers to lead the lands. They mostly exist to drum up excitment.)

=== Rules ===

Decide on a faction you want to support and exclusively make cards in that faction. They can be legendary creatures from a kingdom, interesting themed instants and sorceries, perhaps a themed enchantment or a legendary weapon. If you want to make new keywords for the set that's also encouraged but not necessary. Any number of entries can be submitted, but after the third one just post a link rather than an embedded image. (No disqualifications for doing this, just common courtesy)

=== Factions ===

Dremlac - Red/White (Black Support) - Dremlac is a devoute religious kingdom that puts a great deal of value in valor, skill, and devotion to the crown. They're known to wear engravings of dragons on their armor and their mages specialize in hieromancy. The Knights of Dremlac relish combat and while they center themselves on their faith to their god 'Helm', occasionally they're known to rush into battle with an unholy rage.

Ilisia - Green/Red (White Support) - Though they're a smaller house compared to the older and more battle-hardened houses around them, they make up for it with an extremely adaptable understanding of the their environment. The wetlands that encircle their lands make travel in and out difficult, so they have a natural defense and a symbiotic relationship with the natural world they fortify. All Ilisian knights are skilled guerilla combatants.

Montia - White/Blue (Red Support) - While they participate in feudal conflicts like the rest of the Kingdoms, Montia rarely ever deals with any station face to face. Honor and duty are important, yes, but it is far easier to out-think an opposing faction. Many Generals refuse to lead campaigns against Montia out of fear of being made a fool in front of their court. There is always something up Montia's sleeve.

Routermory - Green/White (Blue Support) - Residing in the geographic center of this feudal conflict is the stalwart kingdom of Routermory. They're strictly neutral in the conflict and refuse to pick sides or join alliances. Protecting and supporting skilled artisans that take refuge from their home lands is a goal of Routermory and they train them to become mages and druids who defend their land through diplomacy over bloodshed.

Nykrodin - Black/Red (Green Support) - Nykrodin sits at the crest of the Nevaldi mountains north of the other kingdoms. They usual travel in small elite groups of soldiers adept at scaling their harsh snow-crested mountains. A culture of brutality and strength has taken seat in the matriarchal Kingdom, and it's tradition for their Queens to lead all bloody campaigns from the front lines.

Serghol - Black/Blue (White Support) - Tradition in Serghol dictates that a knight is sworn into service until their oath is fulfilled, regardless of the price. The dark arts of necromancy makes this an unending task that the ghosts and spirits believe in vehemently. To an outsider this may seem cruel, but strong belief and ties to their families makes the rare knight of Serghol an immortal revenant.

Relkan - Red/Blue (Black Support) - A council of wizards lead the relatively isolated Kingdom of Relkan. Education and studies consume the leadership far more than any petty squabble among lords. Rather than wasting precious lives for war, scholars use magic and rudimentary technology to animate their soldiers. As long as there's a supply of metal and magic; the defenses of Relkan are unbreakable.

Trisenvell - White/Black (Green Support) - Sandwiched between Nykrodin, Serghol and Dremlac, Trisenvell is the Kingdom enraptured in the most conflict. A military society where even the farm-hands train in combat arts, a sword is never far from the citizens of Trisenvell. The largest claim to fame this Kingdom has is their ability to fortify and construct, causing their land to be circled with layer after layer of walls and keeps.

The Feywild - Blue/Green (Red Support) - Fading in and out of reality is the ever shifting Feywild. People from all walks of life occasionally tumble into this parallel world and must make great pains to find a way home. With the ongoing conflict, the creatures of the Feywild must find new ways to defend themselves.

The Shadowfell - Black/Green (Blue Support) - Parallel to the Feywild is the shrouded mirror realm of the Shadowfell. Beasts of light exist as bleak nightmares, and the denizens of shadowfell are more than happy to plunder and pour into the Kingdoms through slivers in reality. Elves that live here have been twisted into the xenophobic 'Shadar Kai', and kill anything that enters their bleak lands.

=== Dates ===

Listed below are the start times and judging!
Starting: Friday January 24th
Ending: Monday February 24th

=== Prizes ===

First Place - 3 months premium + 10 favorites of your choice + a follow
Second Place - 1 month premium + 5 favorites of your choice + a follow
Third Place - 3 favorites of your choice + a follow

In addition to normal prizes, the top 10 cards will be singled out. Each contestant siding with the faction with the most cards in the top 10 receive one extra favorite of your choice just for being part of that faction.

=== Extra ===

The magic set will take place in the "Age of Wolves" era of this world, however there's also a later point in history where the factions all become united as a single kingdom. For more information on the kingdoms (known as houses in later history) I have a google doc that explains the setting at that point in time.

Google Document!


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