Tarkir - Rebellion

You know what? I love Tarkir. If I see someone making a lot of Tarkir cards, I usually follow them and favourite those cards.

Since I love the plane so much, I made my own set called Tarkir - Rebellion.
After Sarkhan changed the timeline of the plane, he brought back the Dragonlords. However, not everyone is happy with this. There are rebellions uprising everywhere.


I would like you to make cards depicting this rebellion. There a two sides in this war, the Dragons (Lead by Sarkhan Vol) and the Rebel Clans (Lead by Narset).

You can have any number of entries.
New cards only.
No funny/unglued cards

1st - 7 favourites of your choice and a follow
2nd - 5 favourites of your choice and a follow
3rd - 4 favourites of your choice and a follow
4th - 3 favourites of your choice

Contest ends when I say so. (End of February, roughly)

Give me some Tarkir cards!


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