When the mana floodgates open (Earthen Wars set design)

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August third, twenty-nineteen.

That is the date that the Campbell incident happened. Three years later, magic had gone across a world that hasn't seen magic in almost three thousand years.

Now, it is twenty-twentyseven, and the world is changing faster than it ever has before.

This is the set design for the set that I am calling Earthen Wars at the moment because I can't think of anything else at the moment.

This set will feature multiple factions- with overlapping colors. And not just in the Ravnica way either.

Global Magic Control Initiative (GMCI): the governments of the world trying to "keep magic in check until they understand it more." Basically they capture anyone suspected of having magic in them and they go missing for years and come back changed. Colors: R/W/U

True Sorcerers: A terrorist group who is taking advantage of the unstable governments to try to take control of the world. Colors: R/B/U

Mana Renegades: A group of people who either have magic in them and don't want to be captured by the GMCI, or people who believe in the cause. These people live in hiding, acting as this world's version of a rebellion if you would call it that. Colors: G/W/U

Hopefully this doesn't sound stupid (and the True Sorcerers don't make anyone upset), because I think this might be a fun set to make!

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  • @Bowler218 The renegades could be all colors since a regular citizen token of Ravnica is even all colors.

    And also because Rogues are mostly black. 
  • Ok, I also need help with figuring out what the two-color what the draft archtypes would be like.
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