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  • Also... not sure if anyone noticed, but The Circuit Challenge was on a brief hiatus. Keep your eyes peeled for it's return in April...
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    I didn't know there was a deck type just for custom cards on
  • It wasn't like that, last time I was on untap...
  • Untap has made improvements!
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    MTG Arena Announcement

    Two Additional Events Live Now
    COVID-19 is keeping millions of people around the world indoors. Stay safe and enjoy these additions to MTG Arena running through April 16:
    • Brawlers' Guildhall with no entry fee
    • Theros Beyond Death Ranked Draft (in addition to our regular bi-weekly Ranked Draft event)

    Stay tuned for more updates including FNM @ Home starting next week! We will continue to add more ways for you to connect with other players and support your local game store.
  • Is there a way to play specific people on Untap?
  • @Revan Sort of. You can do things like create a game and then make it friends-only (if the person you want to play is on your friends list) or add an entry password and tell it only to the other person. There isn't a way to directly issue a challenge to a specific person so far as I'm aware, though.
  • gotcha
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    I loaded up the Custom CCG, and am amazed by how many different types of card terminology there are. Some of them actually look like they'd work in Magic at a stretch, and others are completely abnormal. I found a Fireball type card that uses magic terminology, but Yu-Gi-Oh life totals.
  • Your intro to Untap reminded me about the deck I'm building. It's silver bordered, and the commanders (Yes, plural) are Griselda, Monster Masher and Sol, Advocate Eternal and I think I might mix in some mystery booster test cards.
  • I have a problem uploading my card. It doesn't show up when I search for any possible name it might have (With different punctuation) but when I try to uploas it again, it says that the card is already in it's database.
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    Oh great gak I forgot to turn on that I was searching for custom cards. Sorry that there are about 5 cards called La'ayiv, Timeshifted and one called La'ayiv, Worldshifted in the database.
  • I would say Bump but it's the type of thread that is strapped to the home screen.
    I have uploaded three cards:
    La'ayiv, Timeshifted      4ww
    Whenever your cast a blue spell, you lose the game.
    wbrg, (t): Target creature phases out, then La'ayiv, Timeshifted phases out.

    Teria, Follower of Urza      2gg
    Forestwalk, Fabricate 1
    wubrg: Put 4 +1/+1 counters on target creature you control.
  • @KorandAngels
    "Whenever your cast a blue spell, you lose the game." can simply say "You can't cast blue spells.", unless you want to lose the game for some reason.
  • I was going for the "You can't cast blue spells" But this way works at least.
    I actually made a few more cards-
    Dinne, Lycanthropic Warrior   WRRG
    Legendary creature- werewolf warrior
    Haste, trample.
    WR: Creatures you control gain Protection from Instants until end of turn.
    WRGG: Transform Dinne, Lycanthropic Warrior.
    Dinne, Grasping Wolf
    Legendary creature- Werewolf warrior
    First strike, trample, protection from humans.
    RGW, (Tap): Transform Dinne.

    Frana, Queen of the Bluff   RR
    Legendary creature- dragon noble
    Flying, protection from humans.
    Multikicker (1)
    When Frana, Queen of the Bluff enters the battlefield, put a +1/+1 counter on her for each time she was kicked.
  • Miss   2W
    Prevent all damage that would be dealt by target creature you don't control until end of turn. That creature's controller draws a card.
  • Rensh'k's Grasp     1U
    Snow Enchantment
    Whenever an opponent casts a spell, counter that spell unless it's controller pays 1.
    Rensh'k's Escapee   3U
    Creature - Minion
    Vigilance, defender.
    {b},{t}: Target opponent loses 1 life.
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    @Corwinnn Off topic: Legend says if someone follows Corwinnn 7 times, something... is gonna happen... hehe boi...

  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos - I think they get a restraining order
  • I have actually uploaded some cards that I haven't posted here, but they're mostly for a game I want to have with my cousin at some point.
  • Ugh, sounds great, but it says I'm missing a feature that is required. 

  • I finally made my own account.  Same name as here.  Anyone wanna play?
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