COLONISERS: Season 6!!! (Colonisers of Skyfaoll)



  • @MonkeyPirate2002

    You can establish as many as you want as long as it is not zero, and your neighbours would be @Tommia, @Daedalus_The_All_Father, @Bowler218, maybe @IzItTru, and also @ThatOneCat if you really want to.
  • me, realizing diplomacy might be hard when i’m a massive forest with approximately two different fully sentient beings/thoughts
  • You could always make an alliance with... it...
  • hmmm, interesting
  • Well, diplomacy is kinda hard with us because we don't really have set cities per se. And finding us would be pretty difficult unless someone tells you where we are going.
  • I'll watch this.
  • I have a "solution" for my end... 
  • Well, I don't think Gerilla Savasi would ally with anyone unless needed, but maybe a truce of sorts?
  • I'm pretty sure declaring war technically counts as diplomacy...
  • Who are you attacking?
  • Diplomacy with me would be pretty much impossible. So it's probably better that I got kicked out.
  • @AxNoodle

    Oh, definitely! 
  • well relations dont have to be good

    they also can be strictly buisness haha
  • So, basically we're all just standing around staring at each other?
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    The Accord is open to ally with anyone. Also, we’re likely investigating you anyway
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    No one.

    Shadows dancing among shadows,
    Like pictures on a wall.
    No light but less dark.
    Oh! How can it be?
    The shadows, they dance and now run towards thee.

    “Help! Please help! ” but no one to hear.
    Run! Oh run! Run away in fear.
    You'll run and you'll hide alone in this dark,
    Praying and hoping for a sound or a spark:
    A tiny light to see,
    A voice to accompany you be,
    But no.

    So you sit… or do you?
    It’s too dark to know,
    Too quiet to hear,
    Too numb to feel.

    There’s no one.

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    As the Witnesses expand South to take the abandoned Fortress, it is inevitable they will encounter other factions...

    @MonkeyPirate2002 The Blackbird Syndicate (Agreed through PM)

    After taking the Spike Valley Fortress, The Last Genzian went to the peak of the nearby mountain, and noticed another empire in the distance.

    "Spire! Yokuta! Crag!" He yelled as he came down from his perch. "There's a civilization in the distance! There are people there!"
    "I need to see this..." Spire rejects. "This land is barren! All civilizations died centuries ago! All that remains is-"

    As Spire gazed into the distance with her binoculars, she doubled back.

    "Your vision failing you, Spire?" The jackal joked. "I could see them without aid. It's a small city! We've done good to go unnoticed, but if we could make allies with them, we could avoid future conflict."
    "You should probably rest, Grandmaster," Yokuta pleaded. "You've been on the move for over two days."
    "I much appreciate your concern, but do not worry. I never rest. Anyways, prepare to join me. I want to find this civilization's lead, and parley with them."

    Instead of finding the leader of Falun, The Last Genzian caught wind of an espionage group, The Blackbird Syndicate. Upon meeting with their leader and discovering their motive, he decided to support them. They agreed to a non-intervention clause.

    Gerilla Sevasi

    During a recon mission, Spire's group encountered some seemingly unpredictable elves. Spire believes that the elves' sporadic nature could lead to a conflict in the future, and intentionally avoids trying to parley with them.

    More interactions may come soon...

  • Talun’s edge?  Uhhhh
  • *shrugs* It sounded cool. Did I somehow break something?
  • *Sneaks back into room*
    >"You can establish as many as you want as long as it is not zero"
    *Exits room*
  • This is already full, right?
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    @kandra127 You can't join a Colonisers game in the middle of one. If you wish to join a faction-based politics game right now, the person who runs Colonisers has another thing that you can join in the middle of.
  • @kandra127

    @Stryk3r is correct twofold! Thanks for the response!
  • @HeroKP sorry to bother you guys, but is there gonna be an estimated date for when this season will end?
  • @Scaccogaming It will surely end no earlier than late August, but no later than early September. The next season will start as soon as this one ends.
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    Ok, just re-read it, and do I have to deal with other people?
  • @Bowler218 Yep, that’s the point!
  • Crap, I have to find out who would want to deal with me now.
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