COLONISERS: Season 6!!! (Colonisers of Skyfaoll)



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    @HeroKP @IzItTru (This was done through PMs)
    Elard could sense change coming. He was never a prophet, that was a job that could kill you in his world, but hen always made sure to figure out what his dreams meant. Darkness coming from all around as he tried to save his people. He knew he would need help. He asked one of his closest friends to go on a mission: send a message to another group that would support them.

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    Krall stood alone. Unnegotiated, and unprepared to deal with all the horrors of the plane without an ally. But it noticed a similar faction inhabited the plane, the Wildbonded. They both were full of entities not just fighting for themselves, but for the faction, or their partners. Krall realized they could be an excellent ally, and so sent out a request, and a gift. One of peace, and an ode to prosperity. A literal olive branch, it was hoped to solidify an alliance that could give them both the power to survive the war.

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    Since the storm fiasco, Shalann had noticed that the Wildboned were not alone on this plane. Many other factions were also vying for territory and power. So it was inevitable that, eventually, they would come in contact. And with how much trouble a simple storm gave them, she didn't want the Wildbonded to be alone if another faction turned out to be hostile. Luckily, she had heard of a living forest, a piece of the wilds itself that may be willing to ally with them. Then, one day, she found a branch with an inscription. "For we are noth of dual natures, fighting for more than ourselves, I extend an offering of peace to you." Shalann could only think of one faction it could be, and soon sent some Naturebonded druids to the Banewood forest to form an alliance.

  • When the scouts arrived, Krall welcomed them in, and had some of the more Humanoid creatures solidify their alliance, and thus it was.
  • In a disscusion over PMs @Xero0, @TezzeretofCarmot21, @Bowler218, and I have decided to form an alliance. 

    Scouts and Hunters alike glided through the treetops and terrain with ease. The scouts began to create maps and guides while the hunters found the best spots for collecting food and essential resources. All the while they worked to adapt and learn in this new environment. The quelling of the storms had helped them begin to focus on their new hunting grounds. Then a messenger came, a scout from across the seas from another one of the colonizers. She asked for aid for her people and the Enclave agreed to help them:


    (This is a lore card)

    Then a few days later a messenger from another faction came, cloaked in darkness and mystery this stranger was forming an alliance. While Kane was warry of this at first he knew that a lone hunter never succeeded so the Seresi Enclave joined together with the Cult of the Wheel:


    (This is a lore card)

    Finally the The Blackfair Accord joined them:


    (This is a lore card)

    The Enclave was upholding their side of the alliance, to scout out the land and find resources and begin to try and understand or control it's changes.


    (This is my entry)
  • Also Bond of Exploration and Bond of Ambition should both "target opponent" not "target player"
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  • @TezzeretofCarmot21 and I have actually allied together (admittedly before this challenge started). 

    Lyvail of Delphic Compassion
    As her name suggests, Lyvail is a high ranking spirit of compassion and ambiguity. She shows kindness to those allied with Tetravain but her kindness seems like poison to Tetravain's enemies. Her kindness is double-edged and it knows no mercy, because it is kind to some but ruthless to others. That said, any who wish to have her lord on their side need only ask.

    P.S. Sorry I'm (almost) late, work has been a hectic and draining. The comments I made on Intrigue in the Marble Court were about all I could manage with the time and energy I had left. 12 hour shifts suck, especially when the unit is understaffed that day.
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  • After investigating the other factions and the course of the wheel the path was clear to Medea, and thus messengers were sent to the three other factions that the Cult would form an alliance with, each message would find it's way to it's recipients under the cover of darkness, telling of a deal that no one in their right mind could deny.

    The Blackfair Accord will be the perfect faction to manage the maritine trade that will be of unmeasurable value to a a world of such an everchanging nature, being well experienced in trade and commerce as well as being the easiest to protect as the ones furthest from any other faction. 

    The Seresi Enclave as the best equipped to deal with with the natural phenomena and creatures of the plane, being specialized hunters, will be the best at maintaining control of the alliance's territory while also gathering primary resources for the whole alliance with support from the Guerilla Savasi.

    The Guerilla Savasi being well versed in the art of war will make for a great faction to command the alliance's forces and war efforts, with support from all other factions.

    The Cult of The Wheel will make for the perfect coordinators for the alliance, with it's limitless experience in the art of manipulation in all forms and their power to see the course of the wheel of time; in addition to being well versed in all manner of magic and technology, allowing them to support all other factions in fullfilling their roles.

    And finally both the Blackfair Accord and the Cult of The Wheel are well equipped for proccessing primary resources into all manner of secondary and tertiary ones, improving the quality of life and function of all factions in the alliance.

    And the cult will ensure that all factions fullfill their role and follow their vows.

    Even inviting all leaders of the factions to perform a bloodpact so that non can betray the others. (The pact has yet to be performed.)
  • The Blackbird Syndicate has decided to make a trade deal of information with the Banewood.  We'll provide Krall the knowledge he craves, in exchange for them providing us insight on the nature of the dangerous land itself

  • (Hopefully I beat the deadline...)

    The more alliances, the better! And the Blackfair Accord is of the mind that the more groups they’ve befriended, the less that will be hostile to them. The council has made some alliances, and they’ve decided to allocate some of their best workers to their allies...

    @Daedalus_The_All_Father and Tetravain’s Followers

    “This faction excites me. They could potentially be great allies with us down the line.”
    “I know a Quietus necromancer who’d be willing to aid them if need be.”
    “A necromancer? I don’t dispute your methods, but that might be odd...”
    “Trust me, they’re quite useful, and this guy’s probably the best one out there.”

    @Xero0, @Bowler218 and @IzItTru

    “So we’re the producers, eh? We supply the other factions?”
    “I’m not one to argue against making a pact with that guerrilla faction. And also that cult.”
    “Our sailors can get supplies out incredibly quick. I move we assign some sailors to transport the supplies to our allies.”
    “Also seconded.”
    “Motion passed. I know just the crew who’d be willing to do it...”

    @MonkeyPirate2002 and @ThatOneCat

    “A sentient tree and a bunch of rogues, eh?”
    “The tree could potentially be a quite useful ally, albeit a little strange to work with.”
    “The rogues will definitely get on well with our own Quietus League.”
    “Let’s assign someone to make a pact with them. I think this could prove quite fruitful...”
    “Oh, and coordinate our rogues to keep watch on all the other factions. We’ve gone to all this work to befriend these groups; I want to make sure they don’t betray us...” 
  • Alright! Now I'm going to, like, make a diagramme or something to visualise you all, and then I will JUDGE!
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    (lore card)

  • Expect your map soon, but for now, THESE DAMN THINGS.



    The COLONISERS community is at first quick to point the finger of blame at the Cult of the Wheel, or perhaps the Banewood, but it is quickly found they are not to blame.

    So, for next Sunday, one must investigate these bird bat dragon creations, and find a way to deal with them, peaceful or not.

    Whoever will not be able to do so will be ELIMINATED!
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  • So I am assuming 'Kill it with fire' will not be a popular response.

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  • No, kill the first, second, and fourth one with fire. The third one is allowed to exist.
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