COLONISERS: Season 6!!! (Colonisers of Skyfaoll)



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    "Our scouts have been keeping watch around the perimeter for some time now.  They've noticed strange creatures lurking about the outskirts of Falun. They've yet to advance, but it looks like they're gathering for an attack."

    "That is rather concerning... Deploy the Midnight Watch around the perimeter. Order them to kill any monster that gets too close to the city.  Hopefully we can stall them long enough for help to arrive..."

    "Are we sure they will help us? We have been unable to provide any information other than basic details on Skyfaoll. It won't be long before we run out of knowledge on humans for our tree friends."

    "Tell our spies to redouble their efforts then. They waste too much of our time. We need answers."

    "As you wish, sir."

    "Don't call me sir, just {REDACTED}."

    "Noted, {REDACTED}."

    (My entry)
  • *Entry*
    Irozole Massacre Broker
    Tetravain prefers to avoid military action, preferring to break down resistance through other means. However, he knows war is necessary at times. This is why he has Irozole, a virtuoso of death and destruction. He destroys and kills, he shows no mercy, and he does not know defeat. He sometimes works with Grandich and/or Reawin to accomplish a goal but his true partner is Sariel.

    Sariel Salvation Broker
    Sariel is almost always with Irozole. Where he is death and destruction, she is life and rebuilding. She is the ray of light that shines through the darkness he emanates. They are the foils, the opposites, that make each other more than what either of them would be alone. Opposites don't always work together to make each other shine but in this case, they are one of the most powerful combinations among Tetravain's followers because of their differences.
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    okay I have the cards finished for the most part but still gotta find fitting art for some of em, and it's pretty late so I think I'll sleep and finish it tomorow!
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    sorry I am writing it all out rn, had to babysit my nephew during the morning

    I may have decided to make a few more cards wich is why it took me a little longer lmao
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    The Cult of The Wheel is not known for it's military, it is known, to the few that know of it, for it's cunning, manipulation, and unkowable reach and foresight; however, that does not mean it lacks one, nor that said army is not well equipped to fight when needed.

    The primary bulk of the army is comprised of mass produced thrull soldiers that can serve many different roles, from the basic foot soldiers and trampling behemoths:

    (Lore Card)                                                 (Entry #1)
    To even flying swarmers and unrelenting hunters:

    (Lore Card)                                                  (Entry #2)

    But thrulls are not the only creatures that the Cult eingeneers, many more creatures, typically more unique ones, are produced by the cult through various different means such as: Biological:
     (Lore card)

     (Entry #3) 

    And technological:
     (Lore Card)

    And although most of the creatures in their armies are artificial, many are subjugated or otherwise brought in by the Cult to serve their purpose:

    (Entry #4)                                                    (Entry #5)

    And all of this is without counting the members of the cult themselves, wich can serve any kind of role that they've dedicated themselves to or are able to do by nature, however, their most typical role however is that of seers, mages, and advisors to guide the coming battles to victory through the Wheel's design.

    (Lore Card)                                                  (Entry #6)This little bugger took a lot of time to find art for lmao 

    And when considering the full power of the Cult, one must allways consider their influence over others, specially now that they've formed an alliance with three other factions, and not just that, but finally consolidated it with an unbreakable pact in blood.
     (Lore Card)

    The Cult's forces are so vast and complex that they would be maddening to manage without the guidance of The Wheel, and to some, they still are.

    Once again sorry for taking so long to make this haha, I got carried a bit away when I saw that two other people needed more time even though I was already running a bit late myself lmao, hopefully the number of cards and decent quality makes up for it xP

    Also I had to post a few of the cards for previous stages to show a better idea of how they work together in the army, hope you dont mind ;P
    you can tell wich ones are from previous stages as I tagged em as lore cards, except for that last one wich is new but is still a lore card haha
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  • After a trial, we have seen that the player with the least points now is @Bowler218, so it is them who are consumed by time. And by the horrors... 

    The irony of having a quasi-militarised society is that civilians are expected to be soldiers, when they not always can. And so when the dark armies arrive, you are swept away. Pack up your brisk apple pies, gently fold your bows and HEAD HOME!
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    Something seems different on the map. Like there is someone new here. A manifestation of what was once in your imagination, perhaps, sort of? I can't quite put my finger on it.

    But no time to worry about that! Your scouts and scryers and seers have detected the source of the corruption of the plane's wildlife. Or perhaps the wildlife reverting to its natural form? Anyway, it is a dark heart. A dark heart in the woods. At continent's heart.
    To represent your search for it, for next Sunday, MAKE US A CARD!
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    You'll be my puppet, relinquishing your will to my needs.

    Till there’s nothing left. Till you're reduced to these strings,

    permanently. Because that’s how I see you. An extension 

    of my limbs, contorting to the sound of my voice. Vocalizing 

    my fingers into your attentive bones. Nodding your head 

    to the beat of my needs, just telling you when, I know you're 

    listening. I tell you this is what I've been craving. A yes to ever 

    command. A bending knee. A broken backed being. My words 

    of endearment slither into your veins as you assume the 

    little spoon and take in my embrace. Waking for just a moment, 

    I lay dormant, holding onto your hand. I close my eyes, forever 

    wondering if you’ve heard a thing.

  • Tetravain noticed that something has changed. He knows that the change is coming from the wildlife but he is more curious about what is causing the sudden change. He calls upon his children, Lahevia and Ultaris, to look into it. Both are minor deities but minor or not, they are still very powerful beings.

    Lahevia God of Aberrations
    Lahevia is the God of Aberrations, though she also governs stability and instability. Her governance of aberrations makes her quite adept at detecting, and creating, powerful changes. She will be quite good at finding the source(s) of the changes the wildlife, and potentially the whole plane, are going through.

    Ultaris God of Conspiracy
    That said, her younger brother Ultaris will be the one doing the actual evaluations and experiments. He governs conspiracies, secrets, and revelations. He is highly skilled at experimentation and obtaining information. All he needs is to activate his power and he begins learning things. With the help of his sister, he will get to the bottom of whatever is causing these changes. Who knows, he may even learn how to have Lahevia control the changes.
  • @HeroKP Thank you, I'm still debating on some things with Lahevia though. Shadow123 said it might be best to up the p/t and the cost by one while my brother said it would be best to just drop the power by one. Does anyone have any advice?
  • The Enclave's village has filled with activity, hunters came and went brining in new resources and offerings. Bora the reptilian seer sat in her tent her eyes filled with a foggy white as she stared into the many futures that were presented before her. There were so many possibilities, many of them where filled with strife and conflict but she saw others where peace was met. There was one that stuck out to her however was vague, a new force had arrived on Skyfall she was trying to find where it was to no success yet.

    She rose from her session as she heard footsteps approaching. She heard her tent flap open and a rough Dwarven voice spoke "Anything yet?" She recognized the voice of Keg, Zane's second hand man. 

    "This new force is alluding me, I can't quite figure out what it is..."

    "You think this might be enough to distract Zane from his latest quest?"

    Bora shook her head, "Zane is set on discovering the secret behind the carvings our scouts found and whatever the spear was in them."

    "Well then, we'll have to figure out what this is without him then."

    Bora nodded "I'll continue to scry the land."


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    Krall’s influence began to sleep through the plane. It would find the heart through polluting the world, searching for it. When it found it, it planned to corrupt it, to take it over, to rule. Once it controlled the forests and the animals who live in them— the colonies which disputed their rule should fall and crumble. (sorry about the image size, artificer doesn’t let me copy the image)
  • Ultaris' findings were promising and he was able to learn how the changes were happening, though he is still unable find out what's causing them. He believes he is close to learning the truth but he is just missing something that will make the truth become evident. He was able to show Lahevia how they were happening and she learned very quickly, turning a middle ranking spirit into a high spirit known as the Shadow of Doubt. 

    Shadow of Doubt
    As a new high spirit, the Shadow of Doubt has gained the governances of cynicism and misleading ideas. After some time, it could potentially reach divinity due to the power it's second governance gives it. This governance gives it the ability to create a pseudo-reality which causes any harm that would befall it to actually be dealt to someone else. Until now, abilities that altered reality itself were strictly the domain of the divine. But, it was created by a god which has two governances based entirely on doing things that don't make sense to anyone else so all bets are off.

  • A while ago, the Blackfair Accord and the Blackbird Syndicate decided to make a joint effort to discover the secrets of the nightmarish creatures. Our findings have so far been fruitless... until now.
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