COLONISERS: Season 6!!! (Colonisers of Skyfaoll)



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    @HeroKP I'm still here. However, due to a head injury as of yesterday, my creative muscles aren't working at full power, so I'll probably take a while. My cards for this have been done; it's just the lore that's taking a while.

    Also, my work week is Saturday through Tuesday, so I don't have much time to work on this during my work week.
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    The Cult may employ it's own search parties, primarely comprised of nonhuman creatures better built for exploration.

    But it is undeniable that most of their progress comes from their connections and the information they can gather from spying.

    Wether by choice or not, aware of it or not, many work for the Cult.

    (sorry for taking a bit, you'd be surpised how hard it was to find art that for this card that was like what I wanted lol)

    and hope you get well soon tommia!
  • @Tommia Would you mind if we went ahead with the next challenge? This is not an elimination challenge, and you will be able to catch up.
  • @Tommia is not responding so far, so I will now launch the next challenge. @Tommia may catch up at any point. Do get well soon.

    P.S. I think @TezzeretofCarmot21 can be safely eliminated at this point as they haven't visited the site for a while.
  • You have found it. You have found the heart. It matters not who did it first, for all succeeded, more or less. In that the hearts are many, but the hearts are one. They are strewn about in different locations, yet are somehow superposed onto the same grassy meadow in the meadow of the same forest. It's freaky that way.

    The heart Sung Choi  Concept art world Fantasy landscape Art

    But finding it was the ultimate test. Now that everyone has access to it, comes the ultimate challenge, WHO CAN BEST USE IT TO THEIR INTEREST?

    So, @spookoops @IzItTru @Xero0 @Daedalus_The_All_Father @MonkeyPirate2002 @ThatOneCat @Tommia,

    for next Friday, Make us a card symbolising any fashion in which you UTILISE the heart to your own benefit!
  • The moment the cause of the changes was revealed to her, Lahevia began seeing how she can use it. In the process she created this:

    Resplendent Aberration

    The Resplendent Aberration can accomplish much by altering reality on a micro and macro scale. The only problem is that the change caused by it tends to be unpredictable.
  • As you struggle with the unseen demons that beset your psyche
    Chaotic memories come out in fright
    never sleeping through the night
    Pools of flinging fevered dreams
    trap you in your lucid screams
    Where rapid eyes move with no rest
    and paradoxical pulses beat out your chest
    Left to know trepidation’s best
    so you entomb them deep to remember less
    To perplex the weary mind
    to be checked and to gloomy cell confined
    Collared your impressions bind
    Nature has prompted and no law denied
    shut the gates of mercy on any of its kind
    See the darkness yielding
    time to concentrate on your healing
    Into night, clarity you shall climb
    Up mountains that tore apart the light
    Caged by demons, can’t come out to bite
    Ascending yourself with a drop of fright
    Now all is done have what shall have no end
    It’s time to truly begin your invigorating fight.

  • The Enclave attempts to use the heart to claim control over the beasts of the rainforest and then use them to track down the artifact they have been searching for.

  • Tetravain knows that the others on the plane have access to the Heart's power and seeks to disrupt their connection to it. He knows that it is likely temporary but if it can slow down his potential enemies in any way then he is happy to do so, especially if the disruption proves fatal for them.

    Collective Interference

    Edit: Card updates.
  • The Cult of The Wheel would typically seek to drain every opportunity down to it's last drop of potencial, to ensure that victories arent just in the moment but bring resources for further victories in the future.

    However, Medea and her sect fully believe this plane to be the one prophesized to be the last steppingstone for their master's ascention, they do not seek to use it's resources for anything other than conquering the plane itself, so that he may consume as much of it as possible when he consumes it's worldsoul.

    The heart will not be used to shape the land to the cult's will, no, the cult can and has already achieved that, instead, it shall be it's trump card, it's signall to all the other factions not to step out of line, every last drop of power the heart could master and more was put into this; a weapon of mass descrution that could put nukes to shame, not only destroying miles of land, but being able to be precisely aimed into multiple locations to destroy different targets.

    If any faction seeks to use their own hearts, or anything of the sort against the cult, retaliation will be tenfold.

    Such a bold an uncharacteristic tactic for the cult but certainly fitting for the cunning 7th Archbishop of The Wheel, but as allways, the question remains, is there more the cult seeks to achieve with these tactics other than guarantee it's own safety? 

    If history is anything to go by, the answer is yes.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 @ThatOneCat @Tommia

    I grant an additional 48 Hours....

    Please post. I will not spoil anything, but there are some major players score-wise among you three.
  • Just hopped back onto cardsmith for a school project and ... HOLY COW ITS SEASON 6!?

    Keep the good work going @HeroKP
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  • @Tommia It’s ok. Since you have provided a reason, take your time. 
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    I've got something coming up soon, I'll be posting with a blurb at latest tonight.
    Sorry for the wait.
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    (Welp time to pull random blurb that would make more sense had I written more but its too late to go back so here goes)

    Florence paced rapidly within the confines of his room, his mind racing. He knew that the plane was growing increasingly agitated with their stay, yet that was not the only troubling news. The nightmares grew only worse, and they had spread to the rest of the group. The Syndicate was slowly losing its grip on Falun as fatigue plagued it. And the spies they sent to other factions, they’ve proven fruitless in their endeavors. It was as though someone or something was preventing them from reaching their goal. Without their intel, it was only a matter of time before the Blightwood or another colony made their move.

    And Ruthas. Florence could tell there was something up with Ruthas, but he didn’t know exactly what. Ever since the emergency meeting, Ruthas had grown increasingly silent, avoiding any questions that were the slightest bit personal. Eventually he would not reply to any of Florence’s calls until hours later, even in the most dire of circumstances. It wasn’t like him at all. Ruthas was a talker, a charmer, not a brooding skulk!

    What disturbed Florence the most was the aftermath of the Accord’s destruction. Despite calling him several times, Florence did not receive any message from Ruthas. He knew Ruthas was still alive, for the bonded corresponder would’ve not called at all if he was not, much like how Deirdre’s was silent. Florence stopped pacing as he lifted his corresponder from his neck. He huffed, then began to enter the code to call Ruthas for the 10th time.

    “Aww, you’re not gonna greet an old pal?” A familiar voice said.

    Florence turned around to see an eerie figure emerge from the shadows. Its body was hidden within the darkness, save for an immaculately carved mask. Blue, piercing eyes glowed in it, staring straight into Florence’s soul. Its appearance was enigmatic at best, but its voice gave away all Florence needed to hear.

    “Y-y-you’re here! But how! I thought you were somehow caught in the destruction of our ally!” Florence gasped. Ruthas simply laughed.

    “Florence, Florence, Florence, how you are so wrong,” Ruthas replied. “The Blackfair Accord was never our ally, only yours.” Florence’s eyes widened as he understood what Ruthas meant.

    “No! That can’t be! We trusted you! And you threw it all away! And for what? To satiate your own desires?!” Florence exclaimed. Ruthas’ eyes narrowed, his gaze striking fear into Florence, before letting go of his petrifying stare and chuckling.

    “Hah! And here I was hoping you’d have figured it out already! No, I don’t simply work for myself. I work for a force far greater than you can imagine, one that could bend entire planes of existence to satisfy the darkest of desires. I work for a true God.”

     We have been plotting for the arrival of a new god. One that will help us conquer entire planes of existence!

    “Wait, you were responsible for King Vayne’s death?!” Florence asked in astonishment.

    “Hmmm, close! But that honor goes to Malkhan. I’m just the janitor, cleaning away all those who want to keep Falun from crumbling,” Ruthas sneered. He crept closer to Florence, a knife formed out of shadows in both hands. Florence slowly backed away, until he hit the window. “You are one such person who has to be… erased. But don’t worry, there’ll be someone to replace you very soon.”

    Florence subtly peeked out the window, and noticed somebody sneaking towards the building he lived in, clearly intent on checking out the commotion he was in. He looked back at Ruthas, who seemed to have paid no heed to what was going on outside. A small grin formed on Florence’s face, unseen by his assassin. It was clear he wasn’t going to survive, but if he had a bit more time, his death would not go unwitnessed. Fighting back was out of the option, for Ruthas was a much more skilled combatant than him, but Florence knew another way. Backstabber or no, Ruthas loved to talk, he loved to gloat.

    So he was going to let him talk.

    “Why… why all this destruction? Why go out of your way to devastate the Accord? They were never a part of Falun…” Florence asked despondently. He peered into Ruthas’ eyes and saw a glimmer of temptation. Ruthas took the bait.

    “Well, you are correct. Your “friends” didn’t even have a clue as to what really caused Falun to deteriorate like so. That is, until they found this.” He pulled out a small black chunk that glowed a deep, faint blue and sapped the warmth out of the air. Suddenly, Florence felt as though he had no clue who stood in front of him, almost like Ruthas vanished and was replaced with a stranger. Said stranger put the piece back in his coat, and immediately Florence remembered who stood in front of him.

    “This chunk is but a small taste of the power Nothor has to offer. We knew that this artifact would prove vital in our quest to awaken our God, but there was one small obstacle before we could transport the Heart itself. The Blackfair Accord.

    Ruthas continued on. “So, I set in motion of their downfall, starting off with the assassination of their four leaders,” He looked away from Florence, almost as if he was sad. But that sadness was quickly shoved away. “And poor, dear, nosy, Deirdre too. If only she didn’t stick her head in places where they didn’t belong. But isn’t what this organization is about? To pry open secrets best left forgotten and use it against their foes? The Syndicate was doomed to fail from the very start. Falun was bound to crumble anyways. So why not end it now?” With a swift motion Ruthas plunged a dagger into Florence’s chest. Florence reeled in pain, as his mind and flesh were excruciatingly wiped away. He watched helplessly as a living shadow manifested right next to him, slowly gaining form and color until it became a copy of Florence himself. 

    It looked exactly like him except it was… wrong. Its legs were twisted and bent in the wrong direction, its eyes were a sickly blue instead of deep brown, and its lips were curled in a manic smile. Florence looked back at Ruthas, who seemed to share the same glint of ecstasy within his eyes. Right before he ceased to exist, Florence heard Ruthas laugh evilly one last time.

    "Heh, she's done it. She's truly done it. She has taken the next step to freeing our God. Can't you hear it? Her chilling melody? Does it not strike despair into your heart?

    "But that does not matter anymore. With you and the Blackbird Syndicate soon to be no more, there will be no one who can stop our God's—No, Ş̷̫͓̘̹̖̘̗̬̱̰̟͐̓̓̍̾̿̆̏͂̌̿̈́̈́̂͗̅̾́̈́̿̎͒̌̔̀̑̈́͠͝e̷̪̥͉͈̋̉͌̾̀̒̂͒̿̓̏́̈́̈́̉̿̑́͊̚͝͝͠͝͠ṕ̵̡̫͕͕̲̮̼̞̠̙̝̩̦̰͙̰͉͓̜̅̀̂̒̄͛͐̋̔̏̕̕͠ť̶̨̛̗͉͚̹̘̱̻̓̆̓́̾̍̒̃͒͒͒͒̇͑͌̇͂̈́̐̈́͗͊̊͝͝͝ḧ̵̨̧͚̦̙͇̻͕͈̩̘̫͔̣́̇͌̏̽̆͠į̷̛̩̜̯͎͈͍̺̝͖̰͉͕̩͈͍̞̻̹͓͚̈́͗̃̑̎̈́̈̓̿̿̽́́̄̒̈́͂͋͘͜͜͜͜͝͠ͅͅͅͅs̸̢̗̼͚͓͖̖͉̖̻̦̠̰͍͖̭̪̱̝͔͙͉̣̝̼̣͖̦̯̰̺̀͆͗̍̓̿̄̈̅̄̈̆̎̈́͝ͅ'̷̨̛̣̥͉͚̻̹̥̬̫̠̠̝̼̦̩͖͛́͊́̅̃͒͜͠͠ return!

    - The Blackbird Syndicate will not be no more. You'll see eventually.
    - I got permission from Tezz to wreck the Blackfair Accord, so don't worry!
    - As for which card is the entry... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Any of these cards could be considered an entry equally IMO.)

    (Edit: Told you I was gonna get it done tonight! ;D)
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    Even if you do drop out, it’s no big deal, since one does not trifle with head injuries
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    @HeroKP I'll try to catch up. Can't make any guarantees on how soon though. I need to catch up on Stitia too.
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    After all, what I had so far for the story bit has been deleted for some reason, minus the card for finding the heart...
  • @Tommia

    Ok, so here is the deal. Since your case is special (again, get well soon), we will make a special exception.

    We will now move on with the contest, since I wasted this entire season's momentum anyway, and if we wait any longer, it will grind to a halt.

    BUT, you have 1 extra week of leeway before you are officially eliminated, so you can catch up if you want to (and we do want you to catch up, I was excited to see where your faction is going).

    Again, extremely sorry, but I don't want this thread to die.
  • We have judged, and the eliminated this time is @IzItTru. A worthy contender, there is no dispute, but overall the other factions have at this point proven themselves a little more polished.

    So pack up your custom designed bows, drink every last drop from the drinking horns (as to prevent spilling) and HEAD HOME!
  • The rest of you... @spookoops @Xero0 @Daedalus_The_All_Father @MonkeyPirate2002 @Tommia.

    Huh. Top 5. You must feel a little proud. But hold on tight, because the big guns are coming in. Let me show you, the map.

    So, umm. Faolinq is angry. He is eager to break from his cage. As he coils and uncoils, the tectonic plates shatter. You evacuate all of your people (henceforth all of your territory lost to the calamity is refunded).

    You have a week to show us how you adapt to this change. And you better adapt well, because the challenge after that will decide the fate of the entire season.
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