I made stupid Conversation.

"Me: Did you see the new ice cream flavor?

Fool: No

Me: It is Ice cream flavor

Fool: WHAT?

Me: It. Is. Ice. Cream. Flavor.

Fool: …

Me: It is called milk.

Fool: You drink that…

Me: That’s melted ice cream

Fool: Why did you tell me this?

Me: *rips off shirt to show giant letter B* TO SAVE THE WORLD FROM DEVESTATION, THE B-----"


Make stupid conversations below:


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  • "Im tom."
    "I like taco."
    "I so smart"
    "I murder people"
    "Okey Dokey.
  • @LordTachanka123 I’m laughing and shaking my head.
  • Turtle: I want a jar filled with jam.
    Shopkeeper: What flavour?
    Turtle: Soufle.
    Shopkeeper: I quit my job.
    Turtle: Now I rule the world!
  • Question: Why did this come back all of a sudden?
  • Hmm... surprisingly you can use cardsmith and the forums on a blackberry classic. And it's not that difficult even.
  • The crowd is enjoying this now, loving how bloody the fight is, and eagerly await the conclusion of the battle. The buff one had managed to put down the two that had come at them, gaining only minor scratches while ending both of them. I completely release control of them, knowing that I cannot force suicide and wanting something a bit more challenging myself. I leap down from off the cliff, landing on the werecat and crushing her skull underfoot. My dagger is back in its sheath, and I approach the hulking mass of muscle with total confidence. They boost themselves up on lunar energy, and I chortle. They charge at me, trying to simply overpower me, being almost 25 feet high at this point, and I just roll to the side, avoiding their foot by mere inches. I throw a claw out behind me, nicking their ankle and achilies tendon. It doesn't quite sever, but it serves to destabilize them, causing them to run headfirst into the cliff face. I outright laugh at this. "You were the best here... and I'm not even trying! How could you possibly think that you would be worthy?" Their face turns red, and they bellow back at me "I will crush you like a femur in my grasp! Then all shall know my power!" Another laugh leaks out, and I don't hold it back, allowing it to roll over the entire encampment. They turn even redder, and pull their arm out from where it had sunk in, revealing it to be unharmed by the experience. They slowly approach me, realizing that they have to be able to react if I move. I pick at some dirt that is under my claw, and wait, grinning with confidence. They get within ten feet of me, and I still do not move. Their bewilderment is obvious. Right now I should be backing away or attacking, or something. They continue to move in, coming closer and closer, and they finally seek to break the tension by grabbing at me with their massive, meaty hand. I duck, and they attempt to counter by bringing the other down from overhead.
    [1:03 AM]
    I roll foward, underneath their chest, and stab upwards with the claw I had just cleaned. As they were bending over, it was enough to sink into the underside of their chin, and I pull on it, dragging their head lower. They finally begin to get their hands on me, so I roll back, keeping my claw in their chin, pulling them even further over. Once I feel that they are going to fall, I release, and back up two more steps as they stumble forward and collapse. I flip over to their neck area as they seek to get back up, and use the same claw to slit their throat, ending them. "Your wish fufilled, my Alpha." I begin again the trek from the base of the cliff to your throne.
  • Perfection.
  • "Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find the energy source."
    "It's well hidden. We need more time."
    "No. Time is running out. The source must be found."
    "What if it's not?"

    ----- Later -----

    "Hurry! We must find the source! The end is near!"

    ----- Later -----

    "No! My phone has died! You will pay!"
    "What? Why me?"
    "I appointed you to find the source, yet you failed me! Prepare to be DENUTTED!"
    "No! Please!"
  • 1: "I require cheese."
    2: "Why do you require cheese?"
    1: "Because I do."
    2: "That's not a good reason, you idiot."
    1: "Hey, there's no need to call me names, okay? Don't be a jackass."
    2: "Hypocrite."
    1: "Slanderous slob."
    2: "Sanctimonious sop."
    3: "Hello, good sirs! What are you doing?"
    1: "This insolent pig questions my necessity for cheese."
    2: "This prick calls me names!"
    3: "How ironic."
    2: "What's ironic?"
    3: "You called him a name while complaining that he called you a name."
    1: "See? You are a hypocrite, you dent."
    2: "I'll put a dent in you! Aaarg!"
    1: "Aaah!"
    3: "Hey! Stop! Here's some cheese, and here's a free therapy lesson."
  • E: "Unus."
    M: "Annus."
    E: "Unus!"
    M: "Annus!"


    Imagine you had only one year to live. One year to do anything you wanted. But after that, you die.
    Time is running out, my friends. There is only 151 days left...
    Unus Annus.
    Momento Mori.
  • 1: “You suck.”
    2: “You suck more.”
    1: “I can’t suck more than you, if you suck the most.”
    2: ...
    2: “You sucked the most before you said that I did, so there.”
    1: “No, you just made that up.”
    2: “...maybe.”
    1: “You suck so much, your own girlfriend killed you.”
    2: “But I’m alive.”
    1: “No, you just think you’re alive.”
    2: “Well, if I’m dead, then you’re dead, too.”
    1: “...Yes.”
    2: “Who killed you? Your boss? Your brother?”
    1: “Shut up!”
    2: “I bet your mom killed you, you sucked so much.”
    1: “Yeah, well, you sucked so much that when you died and went to hell, Satan didn’t want you!”
    1: “In fact, he made a whole new dimension to put you in, because of how much you sucked!
    2: “I didn’t go to hell, I went to heaven! And if I’m talking to you, you’re in that dimension too.
    1: ...
    2: ...
    1: ...
    2: ...
    1: “Well, I was your brain this whole time. You suck so much, even your BRAIN hates you!!!”
    3: *clicks off television*
    3: “That was weird.”
  • How foolish. This resurgence of fatuous indulgence reminds me thus why I turned face away from this proverbial chamber. But perhaps it is time for the night to rise anew.
  • "So, hey. If Wizards has confirmed that Rubix's Cubes are in MTG..."
    "I know what you're gonna say."
    "...does that mean..."
    "Please don't."
    "...I hate you sometimes..."


    "Quandrix mages are ingenious math magicians. They study patterns, fractals, and symmetries to command power over the fundamental forces of nature. They'll solve a Rubik's Cube while contemplating the metaphysical properties of the universe and can recite every number of Pi backwards. Their motto is 'Math is magic.'"
  • Cat: Hi.
    Human: How can you speak?
    Cat: What do I know? Maybe evolution did this to me.
    Human: *yelling* NOOOO, EVOLUTION!!!!! AYAYAYAYAY!!!! WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME????!!!!!
    Evolution: *appears from nowhere* Hey, bud, don't be too hard on me. It was an accident.
    Cat: Yeah, its' human's fault for messing up the planet.
    Human: *yelling* YOU  ██████ CAT! YOU █████ CAN TALK AND I DON'T LIKE IT! YOU'RE █████ BETTER OFF PROWLING THE STREETS AND █████████████!
  • "finish the christmas song! dashing through the-"

    "supermarket. I need syrup. I need all the syrup I can find. Enough to fill two bathtubs. I need to cover myself in syrup and slide across the floor at forty-two miles a second, get ready world I'm coming your way fast-"

  • Syrup be sticky
  • it certainly does
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