Best Buddies

The fun mechanic of "Partner with" introduced in Battlebond (a set which I personally really like) made its return with Commander 2020 (a set which I personally didn't like that much, but it was recent and that's the part of the sentence that matters) and because i find it quite interesting to design, I ask you to bring to the table your own ideas involving this mechanic!

Rules are simple:
- Up to two submissions per cardsmith (one submission involves two cards that are parners with each other), one of them can be old
- It needs to feature the "Partner with" mechanic
- The cards may or may not be legendary, it's up to you
- Focus on the look of the card, text design, wording and balance
- Be as creative as you can
- Un-set submissions allowed as long as they are still reasonable cards to play with (they just feature some nonconventional mechanics such as rolling dice)

- 1st place gets 5 favorites of their (or my) choice
- 2nd gets 4 faves
- 3rd gets 3 faves
- Any honorable mention is awarded with 1 fave
All cards placed in the top three or HM will also be favorited by myself

Have fun and judging will happen sometime before 4th of July.


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