Let's get Colorful! - EDH Challange

I've recently participated in a deck-building challange with my friends, which resulted in my pretty fun Ramos commander deck, and since the premise of the challange was building a deck around a five-color commander, I was thinking...
What would the lovely Cardsmith community do with this idea?

So the challange is simple. Create a commander, who's color identity is all colors. Examples from the game include The Ur-Dragon, Horde of Notions but also cards like Najeela, the Blade Blossom or Kenrith, the Returned King.

- 1st place gets 5 favorites of their (or my) choice
- 2nd gets 4 faves
- 3rd gets 3 faves
- Any honorable mention is awarded with 1 fave
All cards placed in the top three or HM will also be favorited by myself

Have fun and judging will happen sometime before 4th of July.


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