So, who likes tacos?

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just wondering.


  • Couldn't you have put this on your profile and not made a thread?
  • @Ranshi

    Sorry, but no.
  • And why would that be?
  • @Ranshi


    Life changes about you. You are not the only being here. But you should understand you can still be loved. Life will always die. It is how it is written. Enjoy life while you have it. Sit down and have a taco once in awhile, and have fun making threads.
  • The gripe I have is that this is just a repeat of a ****post from the other month. It's taking up slots on the front page where people's contests and on topic discussions could. I eat tacos, sure, but its not like it deserves its own thread.

    If you make threads willy nilly, before long, the front page is full of nonsense.
  • @Ranshi


    Never thought that way...

    why did I not consider that...

    I'm sorry. So, So, Sorry.

  • When there is a section dedicated to off-topic chat, can you really bitch when someone makes an off topic thread. Contests and on topic threads have their own categories for this very reason.
  • I've seen about a billion taco shows on Netflix, so I'm gonna say, THE ENTIRE PLANET
  • Offtopic threads usually still have something to do with <i>something</i>. Not just "HEY GUYS YOU LIKE TACOS?"

    OFC almost everyone does, so why clutter it up?
  • There are a few guidelines, sure but this looks more like a "Hi, I'm new here and I want to get my toes wet.... and now I'll just go and hide because clearly THAT backfired,so maybe this isn't the cool place I thought it would be"
  • I looked at his cards and he doesn't look like one of those Bot people that recently plagued us
  • @General Are you a Bot person?

  • *Winces*

    Ok... I might have overreacted... I wasn't having a great day yesterday for... reasons... @General, I'd like to formally apologize for my actions; I sometimes take things too seriously, and I hope I didn't reflect poorly on the community.
  • @Corwinnn, no. I don't think so.

    @Ranshi, it's okay, I understood the problem with just stupid threads. I hope whatever your reasons for being upset get better, and everything's fine. Thank you and sorry.
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