I'm Counting On You (Closed)

Hello and welcome to "I'm Counting On You" Contest! To enter, each contestant must create a card that works with keyword counters, which were introduced in Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. Your card is qualified if it distributes keyword counters, affects permanents with keyword counters, or does something else entirely that's connected to (you guessed it) keyword counters. Don't get confused though; if your card simply works with all counters in general (e.g. removes all counters, proliferates) then it's not qualified. It must focus on keyword counters somehow. Below you'll see three examples which I hope will inspire and guide you as you design your entry.

Heightened ReflexesCall of the Death-DwellerHead of an Immortal

What keyword counters do exactly: https://mtg.gamepedia.com/Keyword_counter


1. Up to three entries per cardsmith.
2. Post a link to your card with your entry.
3. One of your entries can be an old card (made before 13th of July 2020)
4. No inappropriate/joke cards, but humor can be involved.
5. Each entry can be edited, removed, or replaced with a different one before the due date.


1st Place - 5 favorites of their choice from me.
2nd Place - 4 favorites of their choice from me.
3rd Place - 3 favorites of their choice from me.
Honorable Mentions - 1 favorite of their choice from me.

I'll also favorite each acceptable entry you post here.

Victory Criteria

Presentation, art, creativity, balance, flavor, and spelling.

Due date: 27th of July 2020

If you have any questions: @Ilmarinen

Have fun!



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